Acknowledging the Good of 2013

After posting the random WordPress report on how awesome my readers were yesterday, I decided that the best way to come back to the blogosphere before I travel back to Florida for my grandfather’s Memorial this week is to look back on my own year and my own personal changes/accomplishments.

Sure, I know New Years is all about moving forward and making change (and trust me, I’m still always working on both of those things and plan on some specific goals for 2014), but I also think it’s a time of reflection on the year I’ve had. After all, how can you move forward, make goals and become the best you if you don’t take a chance to appreciate the year you just had?

So here’s my year in random facts and numbers and photos:

1. I had 4 different driver’s licenses

I’m not even kidding. First was my Florida’s driver’s license that expired right before I went to Oklahoma, and I had to get it renewed— however, at the time I was still a Roberti and in the process of changing to Miller. So about a month after getting my NC State “Roberti” driver’s license, I got another that was an NC State “Miller” license….however, I then proceeded to lose that license at a Colorado airport when I got distracted by meeting an academy award winning actress in the security check point.


2. I went to 4 different weddings and was in 3 of them

I love it when I get to celebrate other people’s love with them– especially when they are people I love already. First was my second cousin Dan’s marriage to the awesome Steph in New York where I got to reunite with some of my long lost magazine buds (including college bestie, Lindsay Tigar of Confessions of a Love Addict). Then there was my brother’s, my cousin Maggie’s (which I was deathly ill for) and my college best friend and roommate Hannah’s! What a great year for love. Congrats you guys and thanks for including me!


What? Isn’t this a classic before brother gets married photo?

1009815_10201657880834347_1882354600_n 1234506_10151844029554002_654173628_n1380257_10200636050639094_319087326_n

3. I traveled 6 times covering Disaster Relief for Samaritan’s Purse

The most notable, of course, was when I ended up having to take cover in an underground bunker in Oklahoma when another tornado came through and actually hit my hotel. That trip was sure exciting. Samaritan’s Purse does amazing work helping people in need all over the world, including the United States, and it’s an honor to write for them. This year also marked my first complete year working for them.


Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.50.43 PM

Not chilling on the job, I swear! The official photographer snapped this shot because he was testing the lighting for when the homeowner would stand in that spot. I didn’t realize he kept it until i found it on our work servers, LOL!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.45.48 AM

4. I finished the initial writing on 3 novels and 2 children’s books

I say initial writing because I know editing is a big part of the process and I’m so very open to making them the very best they can be. From Tales of the Landlocked hitting 77,000 words in January to writing 90,000 words of The Cured in essentially two weeks spread out over November and December, I’ve been a writing fiend! Maybe 2014 will bring me an agent? That would be awesome.

5. I lost 30lbs

For the first time, I'm happy with a picture of me slouching and just laughing (I didn't realize the husband had snapped at this moment). But I don't have to fake it with the "suck it in" and "reach your neck up high so the collar bones show" pose anymore. This is me! And I like it.

For the first time, I’m happy with a picture of me slouching and just laughing (I didn’t realize the husband had snapped at this moment). But I don’t have to fake it with the “suck it in” and “reach your neck up high so the collar bones show” pose anymore. This is me! And I like it.

Because of my personality, my knee-jerk reaction to my weight loss as the New Year approaches is “Man, I could have done more.” But I do want to take a moment to celebrate because 30lbs ain’t no small potatoes. I lost half of that before summer and had to rest easy at a plateau for awhile while I travelled a lot for weddings and disaster relief, and then I lost the other half in the Fall, but then decided to just maintain this holiday season as I dealt with the grief of my grandfather’s failing health and then death.


Just looking at my bare-it-all embarrassing confessional photo shows me that I did make a difference, especially in the belly fat region which is where weight gain = greater risk of disease. I am proud of myself and am using this year as motivation for the next year. I know if I work hard enough and stay committed I can reach my goal weight, which is 45 lbs away.

6. I was published in 4 magazine issues

I love freelancing and writing in general. Working with Engagement 101 on the side along with a lot of my other web writing odd jobs has been a real treat this year. Be sure to check them out!

7. I celebrated my ONE Year Anniversary with the Hubs

And yet it felt like an eternity– Just kidding. Just kidding. It’s crazy to think about that in nearly 6 months, we will have been married for 2 years and together for 6! I’m glad I have my perfect match and I love that we’re continually helping refine each other as we both strive to become better people. Today we started our New Year off with an organ-carrot-beet juice. Love that he supports me in all my endeavors and shares my values. What a man!

Us  at our Anniversary Dinner! Happy New Year, guys!

Us at our Anniversary Dinner! Happy New Year, guys!


8. I got a super awesome hair cut

May I never go back to long hair again!


9. I completed 5 different Bible studies

This year was a great time with my married small group and an all girl Bible study. My favorite book probably had to be “Becoming a Woman of Simplicity” and I actually want to do it again sometime soon. The best married book though was by far “The Art of Marriage” workbook and DVD. SO GOOD.

10. And of course I made other significant changes such as:

It’s been a good year and a hard year. But 2014 brings a new freshness to life that I’m very excited to embrace. Stay tuned for a New Year’s resolution post soon!

2 thoughts on “Acknowledging the Good of 2013

  1. Finished reading The Cured! It was a well thought out and presented story. The character development was phenomenal. Even though I believe that the target audience is teens, I, being an adult, truly enjoyed it. A true testament to a great book is leaving the reader wishing for more. Nikki accomplished that!

    I believe that Nikki Roberti is well on her way to becoming an extremely famous author. Can’t wait to read additional books!

    An avid reader

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