What is Healthy Ever After?

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just diet and exercise (albeit, a very big component). Here’s what the Hubs and I are focusing on as a priority in our marriage and new life together.

1) Eat a balanced, healthy diet (with more fruits and veggies!)
2) Exercise regularly (and maybe even together)
3) Be more active and have fun with non-traditional exercise
4) Have weekly date nights
5) Have regular devotions together
6) Make an effort to give back to the community and volunteer
7) Have me-time regularly so we don’t go crazy
8) Sleep! (this has always been a problem for me)
9) Family first. Work second.
10) Choose happiness.

I may add more to the list as time goes on or tweak it a bit, but generally I want to work on making our lives the kind of life that makes you want to keep on living and never give up. Early death at an untimely age due to obesity and illness? Not us. We may not live forever and it may be hard at times to keep up the healthy bit, but this is our ever after. We owe it to ourselves to take care of us.

And now I’m trying to help others through health coaching! To find out why I decided to join Team Beachbody to help others achieve their weight loss goals, click here! 

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