Meet the Mrs.

DSC_6307_1Why, hello there and welcome to my corner of the blogosphere. I’m Nikki and a newlywed MRS. as of July 29, 2012. While I’ve run my own magazine, was a reporter in DC and worked at magazine in NY– marrying my college sweetheart is my next greatest adventure.

Health reporting has ALWAYS been a passion for me, and I really enjoyed my time as a weight-loss blogger for Her Campus and SELF magazine. But with all of the sudden finding myself now living with a man– aka. the Hubs– I’m going to have to get a bit more proactive.

You see, my Southern gent, Hubs, used to believe that meat was a necessary component  for every meal. In fact, I had given up red meat when I had met him my freshman year of college, but hey– when a cute boy asks you out for burgers, you say “YES!”

Needless to say, I gained a couple of pounds in college. While that can be considered “normal” in many circles, its not acceptable to me and I was thoroughly disappointed in myself. So when I heard that gaining weight the first year of your marriage was also “normal,” I knew I had to put a stop to this.

Turns out my very carnivorous Hubs also felt the same way. After having a rough year dealing with family crisis, Hubs has also come to the place where he knows he’s ready for change in the health department.

IN FACT, he said after God, us and our family, health should be our top priority. Yup, I knew I loved this man. (I was afraid he’d say finances! Turns out that’s close behind. Here we come, Dave Ramsey!) I’m proud of Hubs for wanting to make a change and being open to some of my plant-based dietary ways.

However, especially after our rough engagement year during family crisis, I’ve realized that health isn’t just the obvious diet and exercise. It’s a whole lot more. Check out what my definition of living our “healthy ever after” is and please check back regularly to follow us on our journey navigating the waters of newlywedom.

PLUS now I’m a Team Beachbody Health Coach! It’s a dream come true to reach out to people and help them even more beyond what this blog is already doing. To find out why I made the choice to try to help people with their health goals beyond my blog, click here.

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