Acknowledging the Good of 2013

After posting the random WordPress report on how awesome my readers were yesterday, I decided that the best way to come back to the blogosphere before I travel back to Florida for my grandfather’s Memorial this week is to look back on my own year and my own personal changes/accomplishments. Sure, I know New Years … Continue reading

Overnight Fridge Oatmeal (2 ways!)

This year has been about taking baby steps toward living a more clean-eating lifestyle with the Hubs. Living in a very processed world, it’s near impossibly to successfully go cold turkey into the real-food realm (though apparently some have done it successfully). But for us, that was never feasible. So baby steps it was. But … Continue reading

UnrealCandy: Sweets with REAL Ingredients

I think most of us grew up with eating some of the classics in the candy world. M&Ms….Reese’s Cups….Snickers… *sigh* It was so disappointing to grow up and realize how FREAKING TERRIBLE those treats were for you. And how “Hungry? Grab a Snickers” was ┬áTHE WORST ADVICE EVER. But thanks to a 13 year old, … Continue reading

Why I Will No Longer Buy Shredded Cheese

As many of you know, we’re taking baby steps toward living a more clean eating lifestyle. After all, clean eating is one of those changes that if you jump completely 100 percent into before you’re ready, you run the risk of being completely burnt out, fed up, and will ultimately just go back to your … Continue reading

5 Ways to get your Husband to Eat Healthy

A friend and fellow blogger recently commented on a previous blog of mine asking for tips on how to get husbands to eat healthier. I have put off blogging about this for awhile because I’ve been so busy and really wanted to dedicate the time and attention this posts deserves. The truth is, you can’t … Continue reading

How to Make Quick & Healthy Meals

We all have those moments of sheer panic when we have some place to be and not much time eat, let alone cook. More often than not I come home from work with barely an hour to get everything together before I parade off into the sunset for some kind of commitment I made. But … Continue reading