Acknowledging the Good of 2013

After posting the random WordPress report on how awesome my readers were yesterday, I decided that the best way to come back to the blogosphere before I travel back to Florida for my grandfather’s Memorial this week is to look back on my own year and my own personal changes/accomplishments. Sure, I know New Years … Continue reading

So I’ve been in Oklahoma

Hello everyone. I am so sorry I’ve been so MIA. A whirlwind of things have been happening in May and I have TONS of things to post about (like my healthy fiesta recipes I had for Cinco De Mayo and my trip to New York). But right now, I’m wrapping up an 8-day long epic … Continue reading

Help Us Bring Clean Water To The World!

At the end of January, the Hubs and I signed up for our first 5K together which is slated for May 4th. We’re running with Team Samaritan’s Purse to raise money for water projects in developing countries. I’m no runner, but I figured by May I could be, especially if it helps other people. That’s … Continue reading

Georgia on my Mind

Hey All! Sorry for the hiatus. Besides the normal craziness of my busy life, I was sent to Georgia for the past couple of days covering the disaster relief Samaritan’s Purse is doing. I had a FANTASTIC time! Not only was it great because I’ve genuinely missed reporting in the field, but I met so … Continue reading

Starting new professional chapters

I make it a point to never ever talk about the details of my job or wherever I’m working. However, considering how so many of you have let me know you were praying for me during this relocation time, I did want to share some in general information about my new job. This week I … Continue reading