Pay Per Pound Airplane Tickets?

If you ever had to weigh in for some kind of health contest or support group, or even for your own personal program– you know it can be an intimidating experience. Words like “dread” comes to mind for many. Well, now weigh-ins may be occurring at a different place for a different reason: the airport.

Samoa Air is trying out a new business model where passengers actually pay per the kilo of their own personal weight. They’re starting at 93 cents per kilo, or per 2.2 pounds.

If you’re at a healthy weight, this price is actually much cheaper than a typical plane ticket. But if you’re overweight, it can get a bit pricey. The plus side though is it then limits the amount of people on the plane making more room for personal space. Larger individuals are said to have entire rows to themselves if they need it. I think that’s much better for everyone.

Some people are up in arms about the whole system because its a “sensitive issue.” But think about it: it’s a SAFETY concern. Your baggage has to be under a certain amount of weight to fly. There is some math involved in how much weight a plane can carry. What if we go over that? It’s not like obesity isn’t an issue. It is. It’s rising. Everywhere.

And don’t think it’s impossible– the whole dropping out of the sky thing. Ferries and boats have had to crack down on this too because most passenger limits were based on the average weight of a person being 150 lbs.  However, nowadays the average weight of a woman is 160 and men are much higher than that, naturally. Ferries and boats have actually SUNK because of the over-capacity weight issue. They SANK. Like the Titanic. This is terrifying.

Put the transportation vessel thousands of feet into the air and the prospect of our own weight gain causing us to dropout of the SKY is even more bone-chilling.

Is it dehumanizing? Is it embarrassing? Is it a good call safety-wise? There are so many sides to this, and while I have to admit, I can see myself dreading the weigh-in at the airport myself, I still think this is a good idea considering how the health of our world has steadily increased in weight.

I do not want to drop out of the sky. And if that means weighing myself at an airport, then so be it. At least it sounds like there would be more room for personal space. No more being squished between two rather large individuals who not only steal my arm rests, but also encroach on all of my space.

But I want to know what you think. Does this idea intrigue you or enrage you? Is it too much? Is it the wrong approach?

Right now it’s only one airline. But what if this model was adopted everywhere? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.


One thought on “Pay Per Pound Airplane Tickets?

  1. I, personally, think it’s a brilliant idea! I mean, the idea of being weighed in front of a bunch of other people doesn’t exactly thrill me, but it’s a safety concern so I’ll get over it. Plus, it has potential to save people a lot of money!

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