Baring it All: My REAL Before Photo

We have a lot of fun on my blog. We laugh, we cook, and sure we get serious sometimes when it comes to health and often the emotional baggage that comes with it. But if I’m being honest here– I like to dance my way through life, put on a smile while chanting “WHOOO! Look … Continue reading

Okay vs. Not Okay

In our society, we’re given two different messages about body image. There’s the “obesity will kill you, so be healthy” and then there’s “people come in all shapes and sizes, so accept your beauty whether you’re a size 0 or a size 20.” Sure, it’s good to be healthy. Yes, it’s good to accept yourself … Continue reading

Pay Per Pound Airplane Tickets?

If you ever had to weigh in for some kind of health contest or support group, or even for your own personal program– you know it can be an intimidating experience. Words like “dread” comes to mind for many. Well, now weigh-ins may be occurring at a different place for a different reason: the airport. … Continue reading

Food Addiction and the Church

I was MIA this weekend because I was off visiting my former maid of honor and college roommate a little ways away, and Sunday, I got to check out her church which was AWESOME. The whole experience was refreshing, and I truly enjoyed it. But the young pastor, in an effort to be humorous (I … Continue reading

“Killing myself with a fork”

I’ve been catching up on some episodes from one of my favorite– most inspiring shows– on Hulu. It’s called “Extreme Makeover: Weight loss Edition.” It’s about morbidly obese people taking an entire year to lose half their body fat. It’s incredible and inspiring and I end up bawling like a little baby each time I … Continue reading