My Attempt at Throwback Thursday

Apparently it’s all the rage to post old pictures on Thursdays. I’ve seen a dozen show up in my newsfeed online with my Facebook community, and I’m not going to lie. I feel left out. However, I have virtually no childhood pictures of myself  except what my older cousin put on Facebook, so I’m just going to traumatize you with this one to get it out of my system.



AAHHHHHHH! It still makes me shudder overtime I see it. In case you were confused… Yes. I am the chubby blonde child in floral pleated shorts with a drawstring being all like “What are you talking about?”

Why? Just….why?

Okay…that was too traumatizing. Here’s one more to try to get the image out of your head that may convince you I wasn’t a hideously awkward child.



Yay, the quiet spacey stage before I could be weird. Not gonna lie though…my brother and I both have the same, spacey, wide-eyed look that screams, “I’m that child in a horror movie you won’t suspect until it’s too late.”

The only reason I have these pictures is because my cousin Betsy (the brunette in both photos) put them on Facebook. As you might have guessed, I wasn’t all that pleased about the floral bunchy pant pic being out there for the world to see. But whatevs, people. I was a dork. At least I’m fabulous now, right? (Or pretending to be).

Anywho, now I don’t feel as left out. Happy throwback Thursday!

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