Crockpot Thanksgiving In Your Mouth

I meant to get this recipe up last week, so sorry for the delay! This is definitely something everyone needs to try. When I first came across this recipe on Fountain Avenue Kitchen, I was totally intrigued. It was like nothing I had found in the slow cooker realm before! Basically you cook butternut squash, … Continue reading

Spinach Turkey Burgers

The first time I ever made turkey burgers, I followed a “healthy recipe” and they came out absolutely dry. Sure, the recipe suggested topping it with a slice of avocado, but that did little to remedy the…well…dryness. So even though the Hubs has been asking for turkey burgers FOREVER, I’ve been dragging my feet— haunted … Continue reading

Protein Powder Cookies

I can’t take credit for this recipe but those who follow my Instagram page were asking about those yummy protein powder cookies I posted a while back. I had first seen the recipe on the TV show Extreme Weight Loss when the trainer, Chris Powell, had his wife make an appearance where she made these … Continue reading

A love letter to my Slower Cooker

Dearest Slow Cooker, I know some people call you crock pot…but that sounds so negative. I mean, a crazy person who tries to sell me siamese twin barbies he made with a decapitated doll and some rubber bands is called a crock pot. But you, my sweet kitchen appliance. You’re far from crazy. More like CRAZY … Continue reading