Protein Powder Cookies

proteinpowdercookiesI can’t take credit for this recipe but those who follow my Instagram page were asking about those yummy protein powder cookies I posted a while back.

I had first seen the recipe on the TV show Extreme Weight Loss when the trainer, Chris Powell, had his wife make an appearance where she made these for one of the clients to help switch up her diet plan while also indulging her sweet tooth.

When I found the recipe, I KNEW I had to try it. I didn’t have the specific protein powder they mentioned, or even the same flavor– but as an avid drinker of Shakeology, I figured the chocolate super food protein powder would probably do the trick.

And let me tell you…My life has been forever changed.

I sometimes crave baked goods– not for the sugar– but for the mere texture of it. To me, there’s nothing quite like biting down into something that’s bready/cakey/warm/spongey— oh and top it with something creamy and sweet– I can’t even contain myself.

Basically, all you do is mix a scoop of protein powder with one egg white. Then you put two dollops down (I put mine in little Libby dessert glasses. It plumps it up like a brownie!) and microwave it for 50 seconds.

Pure, unadulterated magic.

Then for the “frosting” you mix a tablespoon of almond butter with some cocoa powder and cinnamon. Heidi Powell used a packet of stevia too, but I used a little bit of agave instead. I felt like it added the creaminess.

The result? An indulgent treat that doesn’t make me feel fat afterward. In fact, I usually feel energized and hop on the elliptical!

Heidi’s version is just a little over 200 calories for both cookies. With my protein powder, it’s a little bit more. But you know what? Worth it. It completely hits the spot and it’s a great pre-workout snack.

Seriously, go try this RIGHT NOW and let me know what you think!

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