Why I love Yonanas Part 2

A while back I detailed in a blog post about my love for my favorite novelty appliance– my Yonanas machine. Well, a new development has happened that warranted a post and I just had to share. For those who don’t know, Yonanas is a machine that is specifically designed to take frozen bananas and turn … Continue reading

A Picnic at Sunset (Plus Pinwheel Recipe!)

Wow. This was my first weekend to myself in over a month.With all the traveling I’ve done between work and weddings, I’ve been EXHAUSTED (and honestly, I still am a bit). So, I really took it easy this weekend and even had a little picnic with the Hubs. I figured the “super moon” was a … Continue reading

How to Make Quick & Healthy Meals

We all have those moments of sheer panic when we have some place to be and not much time eat, let alone cook. More often than not I come home from work with barely an hour to get everything together before I parade off into the sunset for some kind of commitment I made. But … Continue reading

Recovering After Carbo Loading for Jesus

The first time I went on a deployment to cover the disaster relief efforts of Samaritan’s Purse, I realized pretty quickly that healthy eating would be a challenge. With volunteers working hard physically for a full day’s worth of work, of course they’re going to need bone-sticking goodness. This means carbs. Plus carb-full food tends … Continue reading

Banana Based Ice Cream with Yonanas

When I got my first job out of college, I went through a free-spending stage before settling down and tying the knot with Dave Ramsey– I mean, Addison. While I wish I had been wiser with my money that year, sometimes I’m thankful for my free spirit shopping trips I’d take every now and then. … Continue reading

My House Smells Like a Campfire

Thank goodness Spring came when it did because yesterday I was finally able to open all the windows and doors in my house, which aided in my campfire smell problem. Oh, what campfire smell problem, you ask? I had been meaning to write about it, but now that it’s gone, it seems to be a … Continue reading