A Picnic at Sunset (Plus Pinwheel Recipe!)

Wow. This was my first weekend to myself in over a month.With all the traveling I’ve done between work and weddings, I’ve been EXHAUSTED (and honestly, I still am a bit). So, I really took it easy this weekend and even had a little picnic with the Hubs. I figured the “super moon” was a good enough excuse to get out.

We also played a rousing game of bocce ball and I SMOKED him. Look how epically close I can get to the little ball.


This screams winner right there. Yes, I know Bocce tends to be one of those games that people our age don’t even know what it is. But trust me, it’s awesome. It’s basically lawn bowling meets frisbee golf. AND you can log it on MyFitnessPal as exercise. Win win.

And of course with the Husband has balls within the vicinity, he can’t help but do this:


At least this time, none have hit me in the head (if you’re a regular reader, you understand).

Anywho, here’s the feast I packed.


It really was the perfect summer dinner at the park. I packed Balsamic turkey pinwheels, roasted red pepper hummus with carrot sticks, pretzels and grapes. (We didn’t have dessert because my darling husband treated me to frozen yogurt!).

Everything was delicious and I was particularly happy with my pinwheels which I made on a whim (see below for recipe!). I didn’t want to just pack turkey sandwiches because I wanted it to be a little extra special. After all, we were coming here for the epic Super Moon.


It was a great evening. Anywho, here’s the recipe for our delicious pinwheels!

photo-27Balsamic Turkey Pinwheels

(for one serving. I made 3 of these total so the Hubs would be completely satisfied)

Whole wheat tortilla
1 Laughing Cow Cheese wedge (I used herb garlic)
3-4 deli slices of honey smoked turkey
1 romaine lettuce leaf
1-2 slices of tomato
1/2 Tbs Balsamic vinegar (feel free to use vinaigrette if you don’t like the strength of just vinegar, but I like the taste and it cuts out the fat).

1) Cut your flower tortilla on two sides. You don’t need a perfect rectangle or square (in fact, have two rounded sides does help), but trim the sides about 1/2 inch in on each side to make it straighter for rolling.

2) Spread the majority of the cheese wedge on the tortilla, leaving about 1-2 tsp of cheese left for sealing.

3) Place turkey on tortilla. Do not put it all the way to the rounded edges. There needs to be some space.

4) Place your tomato slices on the turkey. Drizzle or spritz the balsamic vinegar over the tomato and turkey.

5) Layer with flat pieces of lettuce on top. Do not feel the need to pile this up high. It’ll make it difficult for rolling.

6) Starting on one rounded edge, roll tightly like you would be sushi. Once you reach the end, take the left over cheese and spread it on the remaining rounded flap and seal it in.

7) Using a really sharp, large knife or a serrated knife, slice you pinwheels about 1 inch thick, depending on your own personal preference.


Nutrition Facts*: Calories: 167 Carbs: 25 Fat: Protein: 14

*Facts may vary depending on the brand of whole wheat tortilla you choose. Be careful. Some whole wheat tortillas are about 150 calories apiece.

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