A love letter to my Slower Cooker

Dearest Slow Cooker,


I know some people call you crock pot…but that sounds so negative. I mean, a crazy person who tries to sell me siamese twin barbies he made with a decapitated doll and some rubber bands is called a crock pot. But you, my sweet kitchen appliance. You’re far from crazy. More like CRAZY AWESOME. You’re a genius. You’re pure, unadulterated magic in a cooking gadget. And you make my life a much better place.

Remember that time you made a magically easy meal for me the second I walked through the door? Oh wait, that’s every week. You’re there for me when I have only an hour between work and Bible study. After simmering all day while I’m at work, you somehow fill my house with the most appetizing aroma as if to say, “Welcome home, Nikki. It’s time to make you look like super wife again.”

You’re the one who helps me make sure my sweet husband is fed on something more than fast food. And you’re there for me to make me look good when suddenly I have a house full of unexpected guests coming over in a couple of hours. Sure, “slow” is in your name…and yet you were able to make a bajillion chicken Caesar sandwiches in just a mere four hours for like 10 people. Way to go, slow cooker! You rock!

I guess now I understand why every weirdly uncomfortable sex talk at church always compared women to slow cookers. Not because of anything sexual or four play related. BUT BECAUSE WOMEN ARE AWESOME. We are smart and majestic creatures— Just like  you, slow cooker. Like you, us women know how to save the day, and you help us make life look easy.

And it’s not easy to be a wife who works but is still expected to cook, clean, have friends, have side projects and interests– but you make all my dreams seem attainable… as long as I have your beautiful ceramic self by my side.

I know you may think its weird I’m writing you this love letter late at night, but I’m just excited about the Paleo balsamic chicken and sausage you’re going to make me tomorrow so that the second I get home from the gym with Hubs, we will have a wonderfully healthy meal ready at our finger tips. I’m also thinking about last week’s whole roasted chicken, and the chicken stock I made today…oh and the Turkey tenderloin with butternut squash and rice you’re making me next week…

Great, slow cooker. Now you made me hungry. That’s so like you. Never change (unless its the menu).

Friends forever,

Mrs. Healthy Ever After

2 thoughts on “A love letter to my Slower Cooker

  1. Do people at your church really compare women to slow cookers? In what context? I have never heard that before and it is, indeed, uncomfortable.

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