And the Baby’s name is…

We were sitting down with my grandmother on a mini-vacation with my cousin in Florida, just shooting the breeze and somehow the topic of baby names came up. And of course my default name raised some eyebrows, but let me back up. Neither my cousin nor I am pregnant, but you can’t blame us for … Continue reading

A Picnic at Sunset (Plus Pinwheel Recipe!)

Wow. This was my first weekend to myself in over a month.With all the traveling I’ve done between work and weddings, I’ve been EXHAUSTED (and honestly, I still am a bit). So, I really took it easy this weekend and even had a little picnic with the Hubs. I figured the “super moon” was a … Continue reading

5 Ways to get your Husband to Eat Healthy

A friend and fellow blogger recently commented on a previous blog of mine asking for tips on how to get husbands to eat healthier. I have put off blogging about this for awhile because I’ve been so busy and really wanted to dedicate the time and attention this posts deserves. The truth is, you can’t … Continue reading

So I’ve been in Oklahoma

Hello everyone. I am so sorry I’ve been so MIA. A whirlwind of things have been happening in May and I have TONS of things to post about (like my healthy fiesta recipes I had for Cinco De Mayo and my trip to New York). But right now, I’m wrapping up an 8-day long epic … Continue reading

Introducing Anchored to Love

A friend of mine in the blogosphere is doing the month of May challenge where you blog about a specific topic each day. Well this past weekend, she blogged about me and featured Mrs. Healthy Ever After on her blog, Anchored to Love. So, I figured I’d return the favor. Anchored to Love is an … Continue reading

Day 3: My Husband Cheated On Me

Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. But the way he looked at that chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese, you would have thought he was having an affair with another woman. And of course, he ate the whole thing in front of me, occasionally waving bits of meat and bacon in … Continue reading