And the Baby’s name is…

newborn-cryingWe were sitting down with my grandmother on a mini-vacation with my cousin in Florida, just shooting the breeze and somehow the topic of baby names came up.

And of course my default name raised some eyebrows, but let me back up.

Neither my cousin nor I am pregnant, but you can’t blame us for having baby names on the brain. On top of a lot of our friends having babies slathered across Facebook, we’re bombarded with celebrities having their baby names all over the media (North West anyone?). And let’s be honest, sometimes its just fun to fantasize.

Many of you may (or may not) know that when we won our engagement ring from the Simon G. Jewelry contest in 2010, we had vowed to name one of our children after something related to the cult-classic/tragically cancelled Sci-Fi show, Firefly. (I had to veto Hoban Washburne a long time ago).

Even one of our younger cousins who is about to get married suggested doing some kind of couples cruise with the handful of married cousins so we can round-robin and call certain baby names so other cousins can’t use them.

So, it’s on the brain for other people too. And some people are pretty hardcore about it.

But anyway, here we were being silly girls fantasizing about names with our grandma who was equally interested in what her future great grand babies could be named. But among the list of names,  I couldn’t help but mention an inside joke name Addison and I have, but said it totally serious.

You see…I joke that I’ll be so hungry after labor, I’ll name my kid something ridiculous and food related.

So I looked at my grandmother and said, “We’re naming our daughter Churro Quesadilla, calling her Kasey for short, but spelling it Quesy– not to be confused with Queasy.”

My grandmother, being the  most loving and supportive woman in the world, clasped her hands together and said, “Well, Kasey is a lovely name! But what does Churro mean?”

I love my grandmother so much. She’s going to be a fantastic great grandmother when Churro Quesadilla finally comes along. Which of course, is not for YEARS, so don’t even ask.

And I promise we’ll come up with something better than that name when our time comes too.

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