Baby-Bola: The struggle is real

Beware: This post may be terrifying.  It was subtle at first. The baby catcalls shouting, “You’re next!” The random pokes to the guts to “zap” some baby dust in there. But then, the we-want-you-to-have-babies-right-now disease spread in ways I couldn’t even begin to fathom or prepare myself for. I was minding my own business in … Continue reading

And the Baby’s name is…

We were sitting down with my grandmother on a mini-vacation with my cousin in Florida, just shooting the breeze and somehow the topic of baby names came up. And of course my default name raised some eyebrows, but let me back up. Neither my cousin nor I am pregnant, but you can’t blame us for … Continue reading

Next Time You’re Mistaken as Pregnant

First, I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for all the love and support I got from everyone regarding my last blog, “Baby Here Yet.” (if you haven’t read it yet, basically its the epic tale of one woman’s mental breakdown over an email asking if she has HAD a baby when she’s NEVER been pregnant). … Continue reading