What Does 30lbs of Fat Look Like?

Remember earlier this year when I went to a health fair and got to take a picture with a model of fat that represented how much weight I had lost at that point? To refresh your memory… Well imagine THREE of those babies NOW because after slowly inching my way there, I finally hit the … Continue reading

Happy New Year– I mean, Anniversary!

So at the end of July, the Hubs and I survived celebrated our one year of marriage. It really was a crazy feeling because this year had blown by so fast. Between getting married, moving to a new city/state, being unemployed and living off of freelance gigs and wedding money, him going to school and … Continue reading

The Day His Taste Buds Changed

It was a seemingly normal Friday night– however, the Hubs was taking me a little ways away from our normal town to accomplish one of his secret shopper gigs. He was very happy to be treating us to a free dinner at Golden Corral. He simply had to investigate some things and eat certain items … Continue reading

Finally feeling like myself

I’ve missed you guys so much. After my last post, I took some much needed rest (and even some time off from work) to recover from my double whammy of infections. But then after still having one ear clogged to the point of like 75-80% deafness, I went back to the doctor only to find … Continue reading

Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It happens occasionally– and no. I’m not making this up. But when it happens– man, chronic fatigue syndrome seems to ruin my life. And no, I’m not just simply “tired” because I work a lot or don’t get enough sleep. And no it’s not because my body “is trying to make up for lost sleep … Continue reading