Finally feeling like myself

I’ve missed you guys so much. After my last post, I took some much needed rest (and even some time off from work) to recover from my double whammy of infections. But then after still having one ear clogged to the point of like 75-80% deafness, I went back to the doctor only to find out that my “routine ear fluid” was actually something that warranted a “HOLY MACKEREL!” from the doctor seeing me.

I actually had bullous myringitis on TOP of the upper respiratory infection and the tonsilitis (which the doc also said I still had going on).
What is bullous myringitis you ask? Well it’s really bizarre, but it’s when you get a BLISTER ON YOUR EAR DRUM. Yeah…I’m without words on that one. Click here for a gross image of it I found on Google Images (at your own risk).
It’s been painful and hard to hear and of course I got a load more meds, but it’s finally getting better. I’m starting to hear more clearly with the occasional “bad stereo feedback” effect starting to happen where things get really LOUD then soft then HIGH PITCHED then soft. I’m going to be optimistic here and say that this may be a good sign?

That being said, my next out of state work trip which was supposed to be this week, got passed to someone else. You know…because the elevation of airplanes could RUPTURE MY EAR DRUM. Not even making this up, people.

So I get a mini day trip a few towns over to cover our disaster relief response there (some mad flooding has been going on in North Carolina this year) and this weekend will be a nice break for myself to rest up. This past Friday was the first time I’ve been feeling like myself so I’ve been working out a storm and feeling SO MUCH BETTER because of it. There’s nothing like some endorphins and whole foods filled with great produce to get you feeling good all over. I know it seems counter intuitive at times. I mean, I’m the first one to whimper for a Wendy’s Frosty  when I feel lousy. But comfort food in times of illness is counter productive and will only make you feel worse. Might as well make the effort to treat yourself right, especially when your body needs it most.

That being also said, I’ve missed you all so much and I’m sorry if you thought I abandoned you. In reality, I was really at death’s door for nearly three weeks. I definitely learned my lesson about overdoing it! That’s for sure!

But there are definitely more posts to come. I’ve been itching to share some things I’ve learned recently, new recipes I’ve developed and of course I need to talk about my anniversary with the Hubs! There’s a whole lot of healthy living going on here at this end, especially now that I have most of my health back! Hope you all are still on the wagon as well!

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