Introducing Anchored to Love

A friend of mine in the blogosphere is doing the month of May challenge where you blog about a specific topic each day. Well this past weekend, she blogged about me and featured Mrs. Healthy Ever After on her blog, Anchored to Love.

So, I figured I’d return the favor.

Anchored to Love is an awesome blog I’ve been following because it’s an awesome newlywed blog of a different angle. The author, Gentel, has INCREDIBLE style and is also a newlywed like me. I love following along her adventures in fashion and and home decor (they just bought their first home and it looks AWESOME!), plus she has great newlywed stories that I can totally relate to. It’s definitely a good read.

Gentel and I actually met online around two years ago when we were planning our weddings. We had joined up at a 2012 July Brides Facebook group that had formed off of one of the The Knot forums, and it’s still a group of girls I keep in contact with today. Gotta love the online community!

Anywho, be a dear and totally check out Anchored to Love and leave Gentel a comment. Let her  know I sent you!

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