The Perfect Someday

Someday, I’ll wake up bright and early, cuddle up with my Bible and a warm cup of tea before hitting the elliptical, only to feel completely invigorated with the morning. I’ll grab my homemade juice the Hubs and I made the night before, grab our packed lunches and head to work.

Someday, I’ll have a house with a dishwasher so I don’t want to strangle myself with dish rags or the desire to increase my carbon footprint by only eating on paper plates. In that house, I would paint the walls so many different, inviting colors and fill the walls with family pictures so people knew happy people lived there. I’d even have cloth napkins only to decrease our carbon footprint and help the earth.

Someday, I’ll have a garden where I can grow everything I’d ever need. Whether it’s for juicing or my own homemade tomato sauce and fresh salads– everything would be delicious. SO delicious in fact, that I’d have a booth at the farmer’s market where I could sell my tomato sauce to unsuspecting Southerners who will be in awe of how awesome Italians make REAL sauce.

Someday, I’ll raise my own chickens and goats so I don’t have to worry about the hormones and GMO crap in our food.

Someday, I’ll have time to work out as much as I want to, the time to have awesome hobbies like crocheting and sewing, and the time to have at least one dinner party every month, a game night every week, and definitely weekly date nights.

Someday, I’ll have all my books published, I’ll have time to write that expose on toddler tastebud training for a parenting magazine, I’ll launch a new website, and have time to write plays for competitions again.

Someday, I’ll make everything from scratch like I’ve always wanted. Bread, jam, tortillas, pasta– and it would taste amazing.

Someday, I’ll spend so much time volunteering and making the world a better place that I’ll just be overflowing with joy. Whether it’s teaching youngins’ to sew or cook, making food for the homeless or housebound, or volunteering time with children— it’d be awesome.

Someday, I’ll have time to pamper myself. I’d have a face mask, do my nails, soak in a bath and just breathe.

And you know what, someday, I’ll actually just breathe.

But more importantly, someday I’ll realize I’m not superwoman and that even though I have all these ambitions, I’m not a failure if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do. I have my whole life to do all of this and I can’t expect myself to accomplish everything NOW. Half the battle is having goals and dreams. And I’ve got those in spades.

So today, not someday, I’ll just be happy, I’ll take a breath, and remember that living in the moment is more important than wistfully dreaming about that someday. After all, I don’t want to be that person whose someday is filled with wishing for those days long gone that she’ll never get back.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Someday

  1. Being able to say “I’ll just be happy, I’ll take a breath, and remember that living in the moment is more important than wistfully dreaming about that someday.” is when you are truly successful. You make us proud.

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