Why I Will No Longer Buy Shredded Cheese

As many of you know, we’re taking baby steps toward living a more clean eating lifestyle. After all, clean eating is one of those changes that if you jump completely 100 percent into before you’re ready, you run the risk of being completely burnt out, fed up, and will ultimately just go back to your … Continue reading

The Perfect Someday

Someday, I’ll wake up bright and early, cuddle up with my Bible and a warm cup of tea before hitting the elliptical, only to feel completely invigorated with the morning. I’ll grab my homemade juice the Hubs and I made the night before, grab our packed lunches and head to work. Someday, I’ll have a … Continue reading

Surviving First Day of Juice Detox

This weekend, I decided to do a solo juice fast. It didn’t work. In fact, I only juiced a little. But hey, baby steps right? That’s why I didn’t announce it to the world that the Hubs and I are starting a juice cleanse. I wanted to wait until we officially survived the first day … Continue reading

A Healthy Hobby in Hiking

When I left Florida for the Blue Ridge Mountains at 18 to attend Appalachian State University,  I was determined to find a hobby in hiking. In fact, I had convinced myself that hiking was already my hobby…so much so that I put it on my Facebook profile which also claimed that I preferred tea to … Continue reading

My House Smells Like a Campfire

Thank goodness Spring came when it did because yesterday I was finally able to open all the windows and doors in my house, which aided in my campfire smell problem. Oh, what campfire smell problem, you ask? I had been meaning to write about it, but now that it’s gone, it seems to be a … Continue reading

Healthy Ham, Broccoli, Cheese Quiche

My epic week of cooking the leftover ham finally paid off with something awesome and delicious. This healthy quiche was so good! I got to have some last week while the Hubs was off on a business trip, but I’m excited for him to get to taste it tonight. I paired it with a balsamic … Continue reading