Going Against the Norm

I saw this picture on Facebook this morning, and it really made me think.   That really is the “norm.” It’s the normal way of thinking. You spend your single years trying to put your best face forward to attract a mate and then once you snag him… *sigh* you can finally breathe and get … Continue reading

Why Wives Really Work Out

Dear Husbands: And all this time you thought it was vanity, huh? Really, we’re doing you a favor. Happy Friday! Love, Mrs. Healthy Ever After

Our Epic Juicing Adventure Begins

We finally brought our baby home. At least, that’s how it felt when we finally plugged in our juicer which we bought, used, off of a classified ad at work. We swung by the grocery store to pick up our first bunch of juicing produce so we could start our adventure, but boy…we didn’t expect … Continue reading

Meatloaf and My Mother-in-Law

I hate meatloaf. I’ve never been a big fan, though my mom does make a good one. But the idea of eating a solid block of meat that is essentially a giant meatball without the awesome sauce or noodles just never seemed appealing to me. One of the last meals Addison’s mom made for me … Continue reading

So You Mentioned Babies, eh?

As a newlywed, we get asked the baby question pretty often– especially if we forget not to start sentences with “Guess what!” But this past month, if I had a dollar for every time someone said I’d be a good mother, I’d be rich enough to actually afford having a baby. So to put inquiring … Continue reading

The Pressure of Newlywed (or Life Stage) Bliss

When we’re younger, it seems like marriage is the “end game.” You go through all the cutesy school dances, the fun first dates and then grow to develop even deeper– or at least more complicated relationships as the dating dynamics change once we hit adultdom. But the truth is, there is no end game (well, … Continue reading