So You Mentioned Babies, eh?

newborn-cryingAs a newlywed, we get asked the baby question pretty often– especially if we forget not to start sentences with “Guess what!” But this past month, if I had a dollar for every time someone said I’d be a good mother, I’d be rich enough to actually afford having a baby.

So to put inquiring minds at ease, I will give you a simple answer to this “simple” question on when we’ll have children. It doesn’t involve numbers or dates or even a bucket list of life goals. It’s just simple.

First, I want a dishwasher.

Yes, a dishwasher. I know in one of my first ever blog posts, I mentioned how we got rid of the ugly, portable dishwasher that took up 3/4 of our kitchen space and had to be hooked up to a hose outside. I have no regrets on that decision (most days). It just wasn’t worth the eye sore and with two people, one would think we could handle a couple of dishes in the sink. We’re probably not as successful at this as we would like, but alas, who’s perfect?

But once a baby comes into the picture, I better have a dishwasher (and maybe a better dryer that doesn’t take three cycles to properly dry our clothes, but I won’t be too picky). The idea of hand washing dishes with junior crying in a pack-n-play makes me CRINGE…plus all those baby bottles. It’s a nightmare.

So before you are tempted to ask us about when we’re having children, I challenge you to think about whether or not we have a dishwasher first. If the answer is “no,” it’s probably best NOT to ask.

But if by some unplanned circumstance we do find ourselves in a situation where we have 9 months to find said dishwasher before my head and uterus explodes, we will be taking donations. That’s right. You’ll get an invite to a baby shower with a link to where we’re registered at and the online item listed WILL ONLY BE a dishwasher.

You’ve been warned.

(P.S. This post does not mean we’re pregnant. Obviously. We still don’t have room for a dishwasher)

2 thoughts on “So You Mentioned Babies, eh?

  1. This hits home. I swear every day I am being asked when we are having kids…we have been married all of a month at this point. Not to mention, we are still looking for a decent apartment for the TWO of us. It isn’t exactly the best timing in the world, but that doesn’t seem to stop the hints from his mother. Before we were even married, my grandmother started knitting me a baby blanket “for the future generations” she said. One day maybe…but there are quite a few things to be put first. I would like a dishwasher as well.

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