Setting up our house

Driving to see our house for the first time. Yup…I live surrounded by mountains.

For those of you who don’t know, Hubs picked out our first house for us and I didn’t get to see it until after I signed the lease. My friends thought I was CRAZY to let him pick it out, but he showed me some pictures and I trusted his judgement so I knew we’d be alright. Well it’s better than alright. This is the perfect first house for us. I am so in love with the house (well, and Hubs).

But setting up a house has been harder than I thought it would be and definitely an interesting step in our relationship. It seemed like we were always a step behind what needed to be done and honestly, we were still doing things up until my brother pulled into the driveway tonight. Somehow though we were able to unpack, set up, furnish and clean the majority of our house including our kitchen, “dining room,” living room and bathroom. The bedroom is partially done (I totally built that bed BY myself while Hubs was out picking up our new couch) and our gym/office/guest room is basically storage right now for everything we couldn’t unpack yet. We have a lot to throw away I think.

But all in all…. I LOVE OUR HOUSE. It’s perfect! What I don’t love? Furniture shopping. Aye aye aye what a pain in the butt. I think Hubs and I learned more about each other in a week of furniture shopping than we did in the four years of our relationship. I apparently fall in love with things right away and am happy with almost any option unless I absolutely hate something about it. Hubs on the other hand has a hard time making a decision right away and if he has to sit/sleep/or look at it– he better like what he’s buying.

We did end up with furniture (thank GOD) and we even put together a few things ourself via Ikea goodness. I built “his” TV stand and he built me a hutch for the kitchen which I absolutely love and have already put in my entertainment dishes from my bridal shower in. He was adorable building it (it took forever. Ikea is not as easy as one would think).  My favorite part though? He surprised me by carving our initials and the date on the inside of the cabinet.

Hubs carved our initials on the inside of the cabinet of the hutch he built for me 🙂

Don’t worry though. The week was not entirely mushy, pre-newlywedded bliss. Like I said before, we felt like we were always behind the whole time. For example, the first night we got to Boone, we were supposed to pick up my Ubox that shipped all my stuff from Florida (including a much-needed air mattress for moi). It didn’t happen. Oh well. The next day we woke up bright and early (but accidentally overslept so we were a few hours behind schedule)  and headed to the Uhaul place to get my box and the truck we had rented. Turns out, they had no record of our truck but said we could use one that was there if we could get our thing done in an hour. That wasn’t a big deal at all. Totally plausible. Well, until he realized my Ubox was behind like four other Uboxes in a storage unit. That shot that plan to heck and back, but he told us to come back at one.

Our living room. Hubs is playing Xbox.









So we did, but we had to kill most of our first day of doing stuff since everything relied on unpacking the Ubox first. It still took over an hour once we did get there, but to our surprise, the Uhaul man (now off the clock, mind you) hooked up our Ubox to his own vehicle and drove it to our house. Mind blowing, right? Well the kindness and Christmas in July miracle doesn’t stop there. He realized because of our steep driveway, he couldn’t just leave the Ubox there like originally had planned. So he UNPACKED OUR BOX with us while it was thundering and lightning outside. He unpacked the whole thing. His kindness was ridiculously amazing and definitely a sign that God has our backs. I call it our Christmas in July miracle. Then another one happened.

You see…the one thing wrong with the house was that there was a dish washer in our living room. When I signed the lease (pre-seeing the house), the landlord was telling me about all the beautiful renovations he had done for us. I smiled, thanked him and then asked if the dishwasher was removed from the kitchen like he had promised (the previous tenant had requested it, and it took up half of the already narrow kitchen AND had to be hooked up manually to some weird hose.) He actually forgot and by the time we got to the house, he had moved the dish washer to the living room and promised

New couch on the right. Hubs is sitting on my old one from Goodwill that was in my college apartment.

us someone would be by soon to get it. No one came for it until the day before we left so we had to work around this big, bulky dishwasher which was surrounded by all our boxes. However, this was another blessing in disguise. You see, the moment the men who were coming for the dishwasher came, Addison had left to pick up our new couch. The workers had a few other things to do and actually ran out of room for the dishwasher so they were going to have to


I’m a dork and really excited about our monogrammed towels and secondhand metal wall tree a friend passed on to me.

make two trips. I was not too amused. While they were gone, Addison came back with the couch and asked me to help move it. Apparently I’m a huge weakling because it barely got 3 feet up the driveway. But lucky for us, the workers came back and moved it in the house for us. If they had moved the dishwasher at any other time or on any other day, we’d be up a creek without a paddle.

So we’ve been blessed, although it has been a rough week. There was a point where we sat in the middle of the house surrounded by boxes, not knowing where anything was, no furniture, days behind and completely overwhelmed by the fact that we didn’t know what we were doing and we were getting married next week. Luckily for me, Hubs is slow to anger and quick to apologize. Nothing’s ever too big of a deal, which is nice to know. And with all the Christmas-

in-July miracles, you couldn’t really be too ungrateful or discouraged, right?

Anywho…we’re leaving for Florida with my brother in the morning and we’re getting married in a week! Not everything is completely done, but I’d say we have a good start on our first home together. Now if we can only survive this wedding.

3 thoughts on “Setting up our house

  1. LOVED your description of pre-marital bliss. Brings back such memories. How well Pop and I remember putting together our first apartment. Just about all our furniture got delivered on time except the BED! THAT was a problem! But it got solved by the store sending us a contraption that was on wheels. Need I say more? Anyhoo…. we wouldn’t exchange those memories for anything today. “Hubs” is a terrific couch picker-outer. What a beautiful piece of furniture! Did the pillow come with? And the hutch is also beautiful. I remember Pop saying that he would NEVER AGAIN order ANYTHING that wasn’t fully assembled. The carved initials is a very special touch. I’m sure God was orchestrating everything and it’s so amazing the unlikely people He uses to help us when we’re in a fix. God is so, so GOOD! Loved your bathroom and so glad you are already enjoying the monogramed towels. It looks great! The fact that you don’t enjoy furniture shopping will probably be an asset as far as Hubs is concerned. He can pick things out and you can write about it. Are you going to go without a dishwasher? If so, remember to always wash the dishes very soon after using them with very, very HOT water and rinse them well. Our little ones always had tummy upsets until the introduction of the dishwasher. I believe it was because I was a careless dishwasher and possibly even left soap residue on the silverware, dishes and pots. Dishwasher sterilization cures many ills. (Hope you don’t mind my “suggestion” for the day.). We’re sure you and Hubs will do wonderfully well, especially since God is most assuredly with you. As far as the wedding goes, We’ve never gone to any wedding that wasn’t absolutely beautiful as we’re sure yours will be. Just enjoy EVERY moment. We can’t wait! It’s going to be fantastic!

    LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! Mamaw and Pop Pop

  2. Aw Mamaw and Pop Pop! I love you guys. Thanks for reading (and thanks again for my awesome towels! Addison couldn’t believe how soft the purple ones were. So perfect!). The pillows did come with the couch, which Addi was very excited about because he was going to try to bargain for them he liked them so much. We are going without the dishwasher. There just wasn’t enough room but I’ll definitely keep your comments in mind when washing my dishes. I hope you get to see my place someday. But when I get back, I’ll definitely take more pictures :-). LOVE YOU!

  3. Hi Nikki, Somehow managed to find your blog and leave a reply. It sounds like you and Addie are doing wonderfully well. So glad you like your house. I can just see Addie chasing a fly with a broom! Egads! Have you heard anytthing from Samaritan’s Purse? Did Addie start school yet? I need your address so I can send cards, etc. Is Addie’s birthday Aug 29th? I think I heard that somewhere…..? Everything on the 29th, right? I’m so glad you’re happy. Sounds like you’re keeping mighty busy. That a good thing – (I guess.) We miss you! Your Mom did great with her eye surgery. This Sunday they’re coming for an Italian dinner. Pop cooked the Italian yesterday. I’ll make a cake today. Like I said, we miss you. Keep taking good care of your man and tell him Hello from Pop and me. Love, Mamaw

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