I’m Back! (A tale of “criticism points”)

Wow. What a crazy crazy couple of weeks. After settling in our house, Hubs and I headed back to Florida to help my parents finish wedding preparations and then we embarked on a trip BACK to North Carolina for an epic wedding weekend.

That’s right. We’re MARRIED! Technically I’m not “officially” Mrs. Miller yet (we’re working on that one tomorrow), but we are officially a family and it is truly and sincerely great (don’t worry. I’m not going to skip over the wedding. But I’m waiting for my pictures to come in. THEN I promise to give you a full account, including honeymoon awesomeness).

Today, we’ve been married 3 weeks. To say the whole thing has been perfect bliss would be a flat out lie. We’ve definitely had our growing pains. Never having lived together before getting married, we have learned a LOT about each other.

For example, I learned that if the Xbox is on, Hubs is for all intents and purposes, brain dead. -_-

Also, I learned that although Hubs will proudly try to kill all bugs for me because he’s “the husband,” he really is just as scared– if not more so– than I am. It’s quite adorable to watch him go through the house with a broom shouting, “WHY DON’T WE HAVE A FLY SWATTER?”

We’ve come to find new understandings for each other too. Another example? I’d like to introduce you to what I like to call “criticism points.”

“What the heck are those?” you ask.

“Why, that sounds awful!” you say?

Ok, they’re not really a real thing. But now we have this rule basically that unless you have done your equal share of housework, you do not get to criticize the other person’s hard work.

For example, we all have those things that bug each other like shoes in the living room, hair brushes on the in-table, etc etc. Or other things like how my folding skills pale in comparison to Hubs’ (well, at least in his mind).

Well, unless you have done just as much work as the person bugging you, you don’t get to say boo. If Person A spent the whole day cleaning the house or reorganizing things, Person B doesn’t get to waltz in and be like, “Um, maybe next time don’t do this.”

That’s only “okay” if you want to see Person A’s head explode in either a raging storm of hot lava or a torrent of over tired tears.

However if Person A and Person B work equally together, then criticism is welcomed more warmly (or at least tolerated).

Basically, you have to earn your right to criticize (constructively, of course)

Trust me. It’s a thing. And it’s that understanding that has now made living together a whole lot nicer. We’ve got a lot of learning to do, but I think we’re starting out pretty all right. Hubs is a great husband and things will only get better as we learn more about how to tolerate live in perfect harmony with one another.

So what’s to come? Well, even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been taking pictures of some pretty awesome recipes I’ve concocted, so stay tuned! They will be equal parts fancy, failure and downright el cheapo.

One thought on “I’m Back! (A tale of “criticism points”)

  1. I love the stuff about the bugs! I can totally see it. And you’re right, chores are a major source of stress while living with anyone. But an xbox? That’s the worst 🙂

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