How to Harness Short-Term Willpower

The other night, I found myself caught in an epic battle: the one between me and a handful of Oreos that were taunting me in my pantry.

I usually don’t keep that stuff in my house, but I had made a particularly awesome cheesecake for a special dinner with my boss and his wife just the week before. As I am a certified emotional eater (if emotional eaters could be certified) and this month has been particularly stressful with travel with me gearing up for yet another trip, I found myself feel my cravings sky rocket.

I had eaten healthy lately, couldn’t I eat just one? 
Oh be real, Nikki. Who can eat just one?

I know every trick in the book on minimizing cravings and distracting myself. I managed to go by a couple of hours, but eventually I caved.

If I had only waited one day, I would have been on my other trip with the Oreos left for my husband. It’s not like I didn’t have ANY willpower. I mean, I was able to postpone my binge fest much longer before I caved. If only there was something that could help me harness those fleeting moments of willpower and help me extend them.

qSH0AApxlwyPiabAJd1aokvIQILmfFz_YKkGigIdf8gThis is why I’ve been particularly interested in a new product I’ve discovered that’s currently raising support on Kickstarter. The Kitchen Safe is a canister that seals whatever is inside for a set amount of time.

Afraid of your kids (or you) sneaking cookies after dark when the midnight munchies strike? Set the time so it’s sealed while everyone should be sleeping.

Do you have issues with eating cake for breakfast (my family has been known to eat a slice of cake for breakfast in the past)? Or are you just worried you’ll ruin your dinner by snacking after work in the afternoon? Then set the time to wait until after dinner!

One of the things I immediately thought of was Halloween candy or any kind of special snack for an upcoming event or party. Without fail, I tend to want to have a little taste before the party. But one piece sometimes turns into two (or three or four).

And of course, like always, I don’t intend on sneaking a piece. It’s usually after a good couple hours of strong willpower before I crack. What if I could just lock it away the second I bought it and during my moments of, “I’m not weak! I won’t eat this!” Wouldn’t that be helpful? And with the feature of being able to set the time for as short as a couple of minutes and as long as over a week, the Kitchen Safe really could be my hero.

It eally is a nifty idea. When I have leftover ingredients for special occasions that I don’t normally keep in the house (like those dreaded Oreos), I can totally lock it away until the next time I’m going to need those chocolate chips for baking (after all, nothing’s worse than being caught red-handed by your husband when you’re eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag).

I, for one, would really love to see this invention come to fruition. Won’t you please head on over to Kickstarter and check out their support page? They need enough pre-orders to manufacture them. Be among the first to get this cool willpower enhancing product!

What would you keep in your Kitchen Safe?

3 thoughts on “How to Harness Short-Term Willpower

  1. But you have to have the willpower to not eat the entire content of the safe once it opens! Who governs that? Someone should invent a cost-effective dispensing machine to dispense only a certain quantity of a food (like cookies) at a pre-set time. HOWEVER, in the absence of anything like that, I will ask my husband to load the safe once a day with my treat (and only HE controls and knows the location of the stash!)! Should be fun (and very frustrating!)

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