Sometimes Stressed, Sometimes Sad, but Not Fat

Very rarely am I left without words to share in cyber land, but this past month, I found myself not even wanting to be tempted to blog. I needed to regroup– to focus– and to wait. But now with December beginning, I am able to finally breathe again and start on my determined path to … Continue reading

Admitting to Struggles with Food

Something super nice happened today that I appreciated so much, I had to blog about it. But as I began to write, it turned into a whole other thing. You see, something happened today that meant so much to me– I actually had to think about WHY it meant so much to me. You see, … Continue reading

Okay vs. Not Okay

In our society, we’re given two different messages about body image. There’s the “obesity will kill you, so be healthy” and then there’s “people come in all shapes and sizes, so accept your beauty whether you’re a size 0 or a size 20.” Sure, it’s good to be healthy. Yes, it’s good to accept yourself … Continue reading

How to Harness Short-Term Willpower

The other night, I found myself caught in an epic battle: the one between me and a handful of Oreos that were taunting me in my pantry. I usually don’t keep that stuff in my house, but I had made a particularly awesome cheesecake for a special dinner with my boss and his wife just … Continue reading

Oh What a Feeling

So like I mentioned before, February was a bust for us. And in the midst of our illness-induced terrible eating and lack of exercise, I, of course, became a complainy, self-depricating whiner. You know the drill: “Man, I feel so fat!” or “Why don’t my clothes fit me better?”  WHAAA WHAAA WHAAA. Everybody’s list is different. I mean…it … Continue reading