Frush Frenzy at Work!

I always struggle with quick breakfasts during the week as I rush to work. Usually I’ll make a protein shake, but there are some days I don’t even have time for that.

What’s a modern working woman to do? The only quick thing I can really grab is a banana and well…that’s not much of a breakfast.

I was recently introduced to Frush, a drinkable yogurt that’s awesome for people on the go, and the lovely people hooked me up with tons of samples to share with my office pals.


We have temporary desk right now made out of folding banquet tables, but it worked out PERFECTLY for this party. (P.S. Note the new hair. A little darker than I was wanting but I’m trying to rock it).

I hadn’t even sent my email to the department before others started storming the table. They were very excited to try the new treat. Turns out, there are tons of yogurt fans here!

This 7 ounce little bottle packs 7 grams of protein, tons of probiotics and more calcium than a glass of milk! Now that’s something to smile about. Here are just a few snap shots of the happy people who swung by my desk.

20130606-180258.jpg 20130606-175932.jpg 20130606-180217.jpg 20130606-180011.jpg

And then I was whisked away for meetings. By the time I came back– ALL OF IT WAS GONE! Heard good things from all the employees who attended my fun Frush party. Even my boss stuffed some coupons in his pocket for later.

I tried both the strawberry and strawberry/banana one and it brought me back to my childhood mornings eating yummy, sweet yogurt after school as a snack. My husband also loved the little bottles. I think he actually drank more than me!

You’ll have to check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! Everyone was excited to find out that three of the stores in our area carried the delectable morning boost. Click here to find out where you can find Frush near you!

Also be sure to like them on Facebook here and tell them Mrs. Healthy Ever After sent you! I actually created a new Facebook page  for this blog to keep this lovely community more connected and organized, so please like my new page as well and tag me in the post. Thanks!

Picture 188

*This was a sponsored post by Frush, but all opinions are completely that of Nikki Roberti Miller, aka. Mrs. Healthy Ever After.

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