What Beta Readers Are Saying: “The Truth About Two Shoes”

I was a bit hesitant to post this, but people keep asking. When I let the first two people read THE TRUTH ABOUT TWO SHOES, I was terrified. For the first time in a while, I was emotionally invested in what I had written in a way I had never connected before. While I was … Continue reading

W.I.P. Blog Hop

I was recently tagged in a blog hop by the lovely E.G. Moore who I met through the ‘In With the New’ (#NewAgent) Twitter contest, so I figured I should jump in on the fun too and discuss the book I’ve been slaving over recently, THE TRUTH ABOUT TWO SHOES. What is the name of … Continue reading

What I’ll Be Doing in 2014

Although 2014 had a sad start, I am very hopeful and pumped for this New Year! And I already have my goals set out for the awesomeness that will surly ensue (note: goals > resolutions). Now that January is already well underway, I figured I’d share some of my goals this year and recommit to … Continue reading

Jarred Greek Salad To-Go

While visiting my family, my mom gave me a great magazine she happened to not want anymore. It was a seasonal healthy recipe magazine by Better Homes and Gardens and let me tell you– I dogeared nearly all the pages. Well, inside was a two page spread diagramming how to make a mason jar salad. … Continue reading