What Beta Readers Are Saying: “The Truth About Two Shoes”

I was a bit hesitant to post this, but people keep asking.

When I let the first two people read THE TRUTH ABOUT TWO SHOES, I was terrified. For the first time in a while, I was emotionally invested in what I had written in a way I had never connected before. While I was confident I had a decent story and plot with strong characters, I had mixed in things on faith with a light dusting of language that a PG13 rating of a movie wouldn’t bat an eye at.

It was different for me, and thus…I. Was. Petrified.

To my surprise, after the first two readers finished (surprisingly on the same day) it was met with overwhelming positive feedback. I couldn’t believe it. So I started sending it to a few people here and there, including some Internet strangers from my author critique groups. I even won a 5-page critique in a contest and there were literally only two comments in the margins of my document. One was about something grammatical and the other was a big highlighted section that was like, “OMG I LOVE THIS CHARACTER INTERACTION.”

So finally, I started getting confidence in this new book of mine (and technically my fourth full novel). And when more and more texts started flooding my phone from people reading my book (yes…some people actually gave me the play-by-play of their emotions while reading), I was moved, humbled and seriously on the verge of a bazillion weepy tears because it touched me that people would not only take the time to read my book, but legit let me know what they were thinking the whole way through.

I’ve been writing my whole life. I’ve won awards on the national level, I’ve been published in magazines and on the front page of newspapers, and have had short plays performed across the country– but never before in my life have I been so moved by my readers. Their feedback (including constructive suggestions to make it better) has really meant the world to me.

People have been asking me more and more about my book lately, and asking what others are saying. Occasionally on Instagram, I’ve  been posting things I’ve received via text, but I started getting too many to post! So, I gathered a collection of the comments that don’t give away spoilers (or cropped them so you can’t figure out the spoiler) and decided to post it here. Some of these are from the same people, though for privacy sake, I won’t let you know which ones go to who.

But thank you to my readers for your feedback and love. Even the people who have told me your thoughts in person and aren’t represented here, your words have been a huge help in getting this manuscript where it needs to be and a huge encouragement.  You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

It’s still not ready, but it’s getting there. I’m plugging away at changes and getting it ready for querying and maybe even Pitch Wars next month. Thanks to you guys, I think I may actually put it out there to the real world. Here’s hoping someone nibbles.

(Please Note: The “FG” character people refer to is my mean girl, Francis Grace. )

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