What I’ll Be Doing in 2014

Although 2014 had a sad start, I am very hopeful and pumped for this New Year! And I already have my goals set out for the awesomeness that will surly ensue (note: goals > resolutions). Now that January is already well underway, I figured I’d share some of my goals this year and recommit to my blogging. I hope you join me for the wild ride.

1. I will reach my “goal weight”

I’m 45 lbs away from my goal weight that’ll have me in the healthy BMI range. I know that means I will have to lose 15 more pounds than my overall total from last year, but I know I can do it. I continually try to learn more about health and what I need to do to accomplish my goals, and this year I feel better equipped to really reach toward the finish line.

2. I will train to be a weight lifter

Of course I’ll start small. My goal is 25 lbs with hand weights and 75 lbs bar. But hey, I’m looking for a new challenge!

3. I want to get my cholesterol down

I was horrified to find out through a wellness exam that not only does high cholesterol run in my family and I’ve apparently had it since I was a child, but even though I continually eat healthy, my cholesterol is 75 points higher than my burger eating husband (SO UNFAIR) and not in the healthy range (but more on that later).

4. I will make strides as an author

Last year I completed three novels and two children’s books. This year not only do I want to write more (I’m already working on my third sci-fi/fantasy), but I will actively seek out opportunities in the publishing field. I already secured an editor who is working on “The Cured” for me and have a small focus group reading it as well (want to join the next round? I’m looking for readers!). I’ve created a new tab on the blog this year called “Author Life” where I will be keeping you up to date on my adventures as I write like a maniac while drinking lots of tea in really cool mugs.

5. I will continue working on healthy habits

Sure, I eat mainly vegetables and whole grains these days while working out frequently, but I have neglected some other things as well last year. Eight hours of sleep? Make my lunch everyday so I don’t have to buy something unhealthy or expensive? This year I’ll be working extra hard on establishing these good habits so I can better stay on track. I’m also trying to just take better care of myself and have started 2014 out with a new skin regime that I’m LOVING. Even the Hubs has noticed a difference!

What are your goals for 2014?

One thought on “What I’ll Be Doing in 2014

  1. Don’t ignore your cholesterol but remember your body makes, it too and your total number may always be high. Rx can’t help in that scenario so focus on the hdl/LDL ratios.

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