Day 3: My Husband Cheated On Me

Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. But the way he looked at that chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese, you would have thought he was having an affair with another woman. And of course, he ate the whole thing in front of me, occasionally waving bits of meat and bacon in … Continue reading

“Baby Here Yet”

That’s the title of the email I received in my inbox today during my lunch break. No question mark. Just the statement. So of course, I clicked to read it. Someone in our office recently had a baby and I had just asked another girl when the meal train was going to start up because … Continue reading

How to NOT Nag Your Husband

Did you know that there’s a way to NOT nag your husband? First, I have to just say how much I hate the word “nagging.” I feel like it’s so unfair. If a child is about to step in front of a moving truck, or if a coworker is about to miss a meeting,  or … Continue reading

I couldn’t have planned it better myself

Sometimes you really just have to stop, drop and roll with the punches. But after all of that, there’s something more important you have to do. You need to stop, sit back, and appreciate. When I drive through the mountains everyday and get a glimpse of a fantastic view of the Blue Ridge, I just have … Continue reading

The Doctor Prescribed Him Sweet Tea?

While I guess Maryland is technically south of the Mason-Dixon line and Florida is the southern most point of the United States, neither of the places I grew up could hardly be considered living in the South. But I was always drawn to it, especially after a mountain vacation to North Carolina when I was … Continue reading

Meatloaf and My Mother-in-Law

I hate meatloaf. I’ve never been a big fan, though my mom does make a good one. But the idea of eating a solid block of meat that is essentially a giant meatball without the awesome sauce or noodles just never seemed appealing to me. One of the last meals Addison’s mom made for me … Continue reading