The Doctor Prescribed Him Sweet Tea?

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.30.07 AMWhile I guess Maryland is technically south of the Mason-Dixon line and Florida is the southern most point of the United States, neither of the places I grew up could hardly be considered living in the South. But I was always drawn to it, especially after a mountain vacation to North Carolina when I was kid. Hence, why I ended up here. I wanted to see if it was as great as I had hoped and in general, it was.

Well now that I’m LIVING in the South and not just as a college student passing through in between holidays, I’ve been gaining a whole new perspective. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the South. I’m glad I’m here. But all in all, I’ve decided that majority of the world here is cray cray. And I mean that in the best possible way usually. Just attribute my confusion to a slight culture shock, if you will.

I mean, I thought it was weird when a handful of southerners tried to convince me that potato salad was the starch of choice for Thanksgiving instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, but I figured that was just a fluke. But this past week, I really had my mind completely blown off my shoulders.

You see, Addison has been really sick the past couple of days with a 72 hour stomach virus. He’s doing much better now, but at its peak, I made him go to the doctor. The man gave him some nausea medicine and told him to drink sweet tea.

That’s right. His doctor– this medical professional– literally prescribed him sweet tea.

I thought Addison was kidding. I mean, who drinks sweet tea for health? If anything, it’s probably one of the worst beverages for you next to fizzy soda considering how the amount of sugar in most sweet teas make it more syrupy than drink-like. I don’t even like to have it in our house unless it’s for a special occasion or holiday.

Apparently this doctor had told Addison to either drink sweet tea or gatorade because…you know… electrolyte enhanced sports drinks that are scientifically engineered to replenish your body are apparently on par to drinking sweet tea.

Really, the South? I’m nearly speechless.

I asked a friend about this and they shrugged and said, “Doesn’t tea have antioxidants or something?” I mean…I guess? But that’s if you drink green tea or real tea. Not tea that has a 1:1000 antioxidant to sugar ratio.

But, alas. I caved. I bought him his sweet tea and now over 72 hours later, he is feeling better. But I refuse to believe it was the sweet tea though.

Honestly, I think I’m one step closer to becoming a holistic medicine hippy if this is the kind of medical advise modern medicine is providing me.

3 thoughts on “The Doctor Prescribed Him Sweet Tea?

    • Thank you! Yeah, I bought him ginger ale because I figured the bubbles (like coke) paired with the ginger would settle his nausea. But drinking sweet tea just for the sugar seemed like poor health advice. lol.

  1. Actually while I had pregnancy sickness for 5 months, sweetened tea really helped settle my stomach. But I was not drinking store bought. I was just brewing tea at home and adding a couple teaspoons of sugar to my cup. Store bought drinks are always loaded with sugar

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