Baby-Bola: The struggle is real

Beware: This post may be terrifying.  It was subtle at first. The baby catcalls shouting, “You’re next!” The random pokes to the guts to “zap” some baby dust in there. But then, the we-want-you-to-have-babies-right-now disease spread in ways I couldn’t even begin to fathom or prepare myself for. I was minding my own business in … Continue reading

How to NOT Nag Your Husband

Did you know that there’s a way to NOT nag your husband? First, I have to just say how much I hate the word “nagging.” I feel like it’s so unfair. If a child is about to step in front of a moving truck, or if a coworker is about to miss a meeting,  or … Continue reading

A Little Less Stress, A Little More Faith

Sometimes, life can get difficult. For those who have followed our story, you know we’ve had our fair share of unforeseeable life ups and downs even before our wedding. But honestly now, I just plan for the unplannable. I learn to expect the unexpected. That way, when the bad crap does happen, it’s not the … Continue reading

The Pressure of Newlywed (or Life Stage) Bliss

When we’re younger, it seems like marriage is the “end game.” You go through all the cutesy school dances, the fun first dates and then grow to develop even deeper– or at least more complicated relationships as the dating dynamics change once we hit adultdom. But the truth is, there is no end game (well, … Continue reading