A Little Less Stress, A Little More Faith

Sometimes, life can get difficult.

For those who have followed our story, you know we’ve had our fair share of unforeseeable life ups and downs even before our wedding. But honestly now, I just plan for the unplannable. I learn to expect the unexpected. That way, when the bad crap does happen, it’s not the end of the world.

The night before yesterday, my car broke down. I just pulled up to a stop sign and STOPPED. It wouldn’t move. Addison had to wait over an hour for AAA to come tow my car away (after he came, picked me up and dropped me back at home while he sat with my car in 6 degree weather. Hubby of the year!). Needless to say, it made the next morning a little less than pleasant when he had to get up early with me to drive me to work in his car. To make matters worse, our water stopped that morning. IT JUST STOPPED.

When I got to work, some people I told were like “Geez, house and car problems all at the same time.” I simply replied, “I’m not worried. I hear this is normal.” Once they gave me the look of o_O like I was crazy, I then replied. “What’s newlywed life without the stories?”

I’ve heard so many accounts from marriages that have lasted 25, 30, 50+ years and many had one thing in common– terrible things just happened all the time the first years of marriage (and even beyond). One pastor I heard speak actually called his first home with his wife the “Cockroach Motel.”

Another wise person once told me that Marriage is of God and Satan hates God, therefore Satan will try to destroy your marriage at all costs. Therefore, stressors within a marriage are literally spiritual warfare. You just can’t give into it.

And so, while we may have been a bit more on edge this week, we weren’t too worried. We knew it’d work out. And you know what? It did.

The water was fixed before the afternoon by our landlord’s repair guy. It was an easy fix too.

The people who AAA dropped our car off at fixed it for FREE. They replaced a small part for FREE. Addison said he nearly wanted to cry when he heard the news. Honestly, a car repair right now, while we could have handled it, would have been really tough on us. We have a couple of weddings coming up and a couple hundred bucks here and there would literally be one less plane ticket to go see the family or one less resource to give someone like my brother the wedding present he deserves. HUGE BLESSING.

Then the icing on the cake? Addison got a call about the job he interviewed for.

And the blessings keep rolling in. It’s impossible for us to see the bigger picture in all of this or any of it really, but there’s one thing we can rely on– God is in control.

Why stress about a car when we know God will take care of us in one way or another? I have better things to dedicate my energy too.


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