Update on Kraft Petition To Eliminate Artificial Dyes

Hey Everyone! Remember my post about the petition 100 Days of Real Food is hosting to eliminate artificial dyes from Kraft Mac n’ Cheese that have been linked to health risks in children? (if not, read about it here. Basically the UK has a healthier version that we don’t get. So unjust).

Well, 100 Days of Real Food just posted a back and forth of responses between her and Kraft (read it here). It’s very interesting. I encourage all of you to read more about it and sign the petition (which we’ve gotten well over 200,000 signatures! WHOOOO!).

Other countries around the world are offered the same product by craft but without the risky ingredients. Kraft even admits that the modifications they’ve made for other countries’ stricter food guidelines do not compromise the quality or taste of their food. So why do Americans get the crap?

It’s madness, people. It’s time we take a stand about what goes into our bodies.

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