My Second Attempt at Crepes

Wow, I’m ashamed to say it’s been a week since I’ve written, but I’m happy to report that scheduled content should be appearing because I have tons to share! Newlywed life has been crazy! Especially with two sets of house guests last weekend.

That’s right! Two of my best best friends (a bridesmaid and my maid of honor) and their boyfriends came to visit me SEPARATELY! What does that mean exactly? Well, one came up on Friday and hung out with me most of Saturday and then the other arrived Saturday and left Sunday night.

Hannah came to visit me!

And so did Elizabeth!

As you can see, with two very important people coming with their very important people (aka. their beaus) it was a very packed weekend. The best part ? (well, besides seeing these lovely ladies, that is) It gave me an opportunity to try out one of my wedding gifts I’ve been dying to use: a CucinaPro crepe maker!

Best crepes ever!

When I first wrote about trying to make healthy crepes awhile back, my editor over at Engagement 101 (great magazine and website! Check it out) saw my issues and sent me the world’s greatest wedding present: a crepe maker with a cookbook and a bag of buckwheat flour (she says it’s great for savory crepes).

So Saturday morning, whipped out my present and gave it a whirl. We decided to try the basic crepe recipe that was in the instruction book for the actual appliance. I have NEVER used anything more simple in my life. It’s is the most perfect flat cooking surface I’ve ever gotten the privilege to cook on. The crepes flipped like magic! (I even got daring and made my husband a 12 inch crepe on Sunday when we tried round two for my other friend).

We dawned our crepes with Nutella, fresh strawberries and bananas, and per one friend’s boyfriend’s request– whipped cream. I felt super fancy.

Go buy a CucinaPro Crepe Maker asap!

I love my crepe maker so much, I left it on the counter for a while and even made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich on it. I think I may attempt to make my own tortillas on it next. So stay tuned.

So moral of this story? Everyone needs to run out and get a crepe maker right now. And my editor at Engagement 101 is the best editor EVER.

Oh, and if you come to my house, I’ll probably make you crepes. It’s my new party trick.

I’m making savory crepes next so watch out! (Just waiting for red peppers to go on sale)


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