Hubs Tried to Cook Dinner (a tale of woe)

Disclaimer: I totally have permission via Hubs to write about this. So don’t think I’m being mean. We laughed about this all evening.

I joined a Bible study just for me and on the first day, I realized I’d have an issue with cooking. I got off of work around 4:30-5ish and the group I was joining met at 6 p.m. I could totally get dinner done by then, but Hubs wouldn’t be home from work until 6:30. I asked him if he wanted us to eat separately so I could leave him his dinner or if he wanted to wait until I got home for me to cook.

His response? “Honey, why don’t I just cook dinner?”

Sounded fantastic to me! We talked about options and Hubs thought it would be simplest if he just steamed some veggies and rice and did something with chicken in our awesome rice cooker thing we got for our wedding. I had used it once before and it’s fantastic.

“Okay! Just remember that the rice cooker will take around an hour to cook brown rice so do it as soon as you get home,” I said.

I thought I wouldn’t be much longer than an hour, but when Hubs called and I realized it had been two hours– I felt terrible! Here he was cooking me dinner and I probably let it get cold and he was probably wondering what was taking me so long because he was so hungry.

As I sped around the mountain trying to rush home, I immediately called him to apologize. He kinda laughed.

“You obviously haven’t listened to your voicemail.”

Turns out dinner wasn’t ready still and he told me not to rush home. I was so confused.

What happened was, he thought my crock pot was a rice cooker. Once he was putting some dishes away, he found the real rice cooker, freaked out, and re-dumped everything into the rice cooker. By the time I got home the rice wasn’t done yet still, so since we were both starving, we went out for (and I’m ashamed to say it) fast food. Bleck.

The best part? As we’re driving for dinner, I asked him how much rice he was cooking. His response? THE WHOLE CONTAINER.

I like to buy in bulk. So I had a decent sized bag of brown rice in our pantry. The first time I used our rice cooker, I made two cups of rice (which we actually were never able to finish cuz it was so much rice). I crammed the rest of the tiny grains into a plastic container in the pantry. Sure, it probably didn’t seem like a lot of rice because it was in a small container, but it was a LOT of rice. And he used all of it. I totally wigged out.

Addison was confused. “I thought food shrinks when you cook it?”

“That’s meat dear.”


So now my entire supply of rice is resting in a HUGE plastic container in the fridge. It’s a big mushy mess too because of how it was double cooked in a crock pot and rice cooker. Addison said he thought rice was supposed to be mushy. Maybe different people cook rice different ways. But I kinda like being able to differentiate the grains.

It’s A LOT of rice. I think if we eat rice every single day this week, we still won’t be able to eat it all.

Anywho, it was a very sweet gesture. I told him he got an A for effort. I’ll let you know if I make any interesting rice recipes to salvage all the brown rice. I may make some more Italian stuffed peppers. Any other suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Hubs Tried to Cook Dinner (a tale of woe)

  1. Okay, now that’s a funny story. I just have this vision of you surrounded by rice. I say do the peppers, and maybe a fried rice recipe because it likes cold pre-cooked rice. After that, dump the rice, it’s like the cheapest food on the planet.

    • But we’re the cheapest people on the planet! Lol….but you’re right. I know you’re right. I’m mentally preparing for the moment we dump it.

      And you’re right that we are surrounded by rice. It’s like Mt. Rice Mush at our house. I really need to take a picture of the container it was in uncooked compared to the container it’s in now. It make me giggle every time I think about it.

  2. I have a pretty good recipe for rice. You’ll need chicken, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, onions, and any veggies you want. Oh, and crescent rolls 🙂 Let me know if you want the proportions. It needs a decent amount of rice, and it’s an easy leftover packed lunch item too!

    • Would definitely love to see it, Jen! Right now I have all those ingredients except the cream cheese or crescent rolls. And don’t worry— I HAVE A LOT OF PRECOOKED RICE. I’m sure it’s enough for the recipe.

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