My Super Hero Husband

Yeah, not sure Addi saw me take this pic.

Sure, I spent 4 years in Boone during college (well…actually a broken up 3.5 due to travel), and even boasted about my ability to wear sundresses in 35 degree weather. But after living in a Florida sauna for a year, I am just a mess with this weather.

Take today for instance. It is September— AND MY WINDSHIELD FROZE OVER. My poor car has never experienced anything like this before and I wasn’t sure what to do. So, from inside my car that I was trying to warm up, I called my husband on my cell phone (he was still in the house).

That’s right. I was too tired, cold and lazy to get out of the car to get him myself. I’m a terrible person.

And being the super man that he is, he let me stay in the car while he scraped off the ice with a credit card (actually, he doesn’t have a credit card so I’m assuming it was a student ID or debit card or something…but minor detail).

I could choose to look at this and say, “gee whiz am I spoiled by my awesome, super attractive and lovable husband” but I choose to translate it to, “I’m blessed.”

And being blessed comes with certain responsibility– like never taking these moments for granted, expressing sincere gratitude and letting him know how awesome he is.

I know it won’t be an everyday thing. I know this means I need to go out and buy my own scraper and deal with this myself.

But today, it was fantastic knowing I had a husband who wanted to take care of me (and who laughs at me because he doesn’t think it’s cold at all).

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