Our Wedding Day

So I promised I’d get around to talk about the wedding and honeymoon and all those details, and honestly, I’ve just been too happy enjoying married life and not planning a wedding anymore that I haven’t been wanting to think about it. However, I finally got my wedding photos which made me super ECSTATIC! And was a great walk down memory lane.

And now that I have my wedding pictures, I can start sending out those much needed “Thank you”s.

Anywho, I thought I’d share with you the pictures from the amazing Christi Falls Photography (seriously worth every penny. If you are in need of a photographer, move around your budget for her. She’s incredible). Since some readers aren’t my Facebook friends, I’ll give you the link to the watermarked versions of the photography. But I did make a highlight reel to tell the story of my wedding. However, this is just a snipit of the awesome photography I got. We were sent over 800 photos! (Did I mention how much I love Christi Falls? Because I seriously LOVE her).

In the video below, the pics definitely lost some of their quality during compression, so feel free to check out the other photos here.

But before you watch, there are some things that if you weren’t there, you’d probably be like: o_O? So here’s some insight. And some other little tidbits.

1) When you see Hubs blindfolded, it’s because of a few scenarios: 1) my photographer was taking pictures of my wedding dress in the room the groomsmen could hang out in 2) for me to see the light of day, I had to walk from the bridal suite through the room the groomsmen were in to go anywhere and 3) We did “first touch” pictures where I got to give him a hug and a kiss and talk to him before walking down the aisle. Addison also prayed for us. It was really sweet and made me feel 100% better about everything.

2) We braided a cord of three strand to signify how our lives are now intertwined with God at the center holding us together. You can see a long shot of the ceremony where there is a rope between us (and I’m braiding it) and later on there’s a close up. It now is hung by our door so we see it everyday on our way to work.

3) My grandfather said grace before we ate. It was one of the best moments of the night for me :-). So in case you thought he was singing or something, he was really saying the best prayer ever because he’s awesome and my grandpa.

4) We did the electric slide halfway through my father-daughter dance. My dad and I used to joke that the electric slide was “our song” because he taught me how to do it at a dance when I was 7. So after we danced halfway through a sappy Miley Cyrus song, we busted a move and got everyone else on the dance floor.

5) 90% of everything is homemade. I included some close up shots of some things because me, my mom, grandma and a couple dedicated friends seriously worked hard putting together certain things. My favorite parts were the centerpieces with the cupcakes on them along with the favors I baked and of course mom’s bedazzling of the butterfly place cards. There are a few details missing, but I’m writing a post on my wedding for DIY Bride soon followed with how-tos on how to make things like our program fans that had a game on the back and our ribbon sticks, etc. So I’ll let you know when those go out.

I may write more on wedding stuff later, but for now, I’ll just let the slideshow do the talking. But if you want more details on things, just ask. I’m just wedding-ed out. 

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