Dealing with Newlywed Narcolepsy

I was contemplating on whether or not I should add “Newlywed Narcolepsy” as an additional Newlywed Casualty. However, I decided that this “condition” is much more unique than that and deserved it’s own definition. newlywed narcolepsy (n): The condition of falling asleep during the day randomly because your sleep patterns have been shattered by newlywed life … Continue reading

Three Newlywed Casualties To Beware Of

After conferring with other newlyweds, I have realized there is a phenomena surrounding the act of marrying someone and moving in with them. I call it, “newlywed casualties.” newlywed casualties (n): a series of injuries sustained in the first months of marriage. Don’t freak out. This isn’t anything weird. In fact, there are three kinds of newlywed casualties … Continue reading