Pay Per Pound Airplane Tickets?

If you ever had to weigh in for some kind of health contest or support group, or even for your own personal program– you know it can be an intimidating experience. Words like “dread” comes to mind for many. Well, now weigh-ins may be occurring at a different place for a different reason: the airport. … Continue reading

Going Against the Norm

I saw this picture on Facebook this morning, and it really made me think.   That really is the “norm.” It’s the normal way of thinking. You spend your single years trying to put your best face forward to attract a mate and then once you snag him… *sigh* you can finally breathe and get … Continue reading

The Healing Powers of Pampering

I used to think pampering one’s self was vain, me-time was a waste of time, and people who like to take a break from being around hoards of people were certifiably nuts. Somewhere between interning in DC/NY, graduating and getting married, I started really enjoying the concept of me-time. Maybe it’s because I was go-go-go-go … Continue reading

Live Like No One Else

Who would have thought that I would take away something other than finance knowledge from a financial class? Hubs and I are taking a financial course at our church called Financial Peace University. If you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey, you know exactly what it is, and it’s really been awesome so far! The one thing … Continue reading