The Healing Powers of Pampering

I used to think pampering one’s self was vain, me-time was a waste of time, and people who like to take a break from being around hoards of people were certifiably nuts.

Somewhere between interning in DC/NY, graduating and getting married, I started really enjoying the concept of me-time. Maybe it’s because I was go-go-go-go for so long that I finally needed a break, or maybe because I was just finally slowing down (yeah right). Whatever it was, while still a concept I struggle with, I’ve seen the invaluable awesomeness of what comes with taking time for one’s self.

But alas, I haven’t had time lately to experience this lesson I’ve been learning over the past couple of years (oh, the irony). But when my original, hoped for plans for travel this weekend fell through, I decided to get my very very overdue haircut.

I had told myself I’d get a new ‘do before Valentine’s Day if I met my first goal health-wise (which I reached! WAHOO!), but I was really sick that month and had to cancel my hair appointment and romantic date. With my crazy locks looking more like a love child between Hermione and Hagrid (yes, I said it)…. and the only thing keeping my hair from eating me alive being a very unfashionable bun, I knew I had to do something.


Yup…this is me when I let the beast out.The hair just goes CRAZY!


The last time I got my haircut was when we first moved here and I chopped off 10 inches for Locks of Love, but since I have really unusually thick hair, I was able to donate four pony tails of hair.

photo (85)

After growing my hair for so long, it was refreshing to get that dead weight chopped off. I had asked the girl to try to copy my favorite haircut of all time– the one I got from spending  all my money in New York before my cousins wedding. It was my favorite haircut of all time. I mean…everywhere I went people told me I looked like a rock star. Even strangers! Even homeless men! It looked like this:

us 100_0489

But Alas, she told me I didn’t REALLY want bangs or layers and gave me this.

New cut! So excited!

And I liked it well enough. Figured she probably was just tired of cutting off 10 inches of hair four times so I figured I’d just go with it. Except me without layers means my hair will grow out to be like the ugly Harry Potter character love child I told you about before. (Sorry to bring up that mental image again).

So I finally found a new salon someone told me to try and I found my new hair stylist soul mate. It took her three hours to cut and color my hair to perfection…but man. It was worth it. It’s now my favorite haircut of all time. I already have another appointment made for before my brother’s wedding. AND she taught me how to use a hair straightener in case I want to flip out/in my hair. How cool is that? (And so my best bud DeDee and I ran out and got a straightener same day lol). It’s officially my favorite haircut since 2010…trumping my NYC arm and a leg hairdo.

Here’s my new look!

Photo 24Now, hold on a minute. Let me be honest here. I can see why some people think this looks virtually the same as my last hair cut, but oh boy are they wrong. She THINNED my hair for me A LOT so now I actually don’t feel like a bowling ball is on my head. And, while you can’t really tell in this picture, I actually have some bangs that actually looks good in a pony tail and not just hair  cut to mid cheek and pushed to the side. I mean, if you look closely at the two pictures, you can tell I have significantly less hair on the sides. I feel like I lost a bazillion pounds!

Which brings me to my next exciting feeling…when I showed my new haircut picture to some people, many have commented on how I look thinner in the photo. At first I was like…pssh. They’re just being nice. How can you tell in one’s face that much? But now looking at my picture from August and now, I think I can actually see it!

The best part? The Hubs LOVES it. Keeps saying “WOW! You look great” and “I LOVE YOUR HAIR!” When I finally told him how much it cost, he responded in the way only a perfect man could: “It was worth it.”

So long story short, doing something for yourself FEELS great. So if you’ve been neglecting something, whether it be your hair or your nails or just hygiene in general…go hop in the tub and take a breather. Not only will it de-stress you (major health points there!) but you’ll feel great about yourself afterward too. And feeling great about yourself is what this healthy journey is all about.

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