Pink or Blue? (Something I’ve forgotten to mention)

Hello, my dears. I’ve neglected your for far too long. But if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or even my personal Facebook, you may be in the loop: I’m pregnant (and I’ve been very VERY sick as a result). And between that and the book stuff, I’ve just been out of commission for the past 20 weeks. And even if I was able to write, I tend to not like to write about health if I don’t know how to have a handle on my own– if you know what I mean.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.15.09 PM

BUT, I’m on the upswing health-wise (only took halfway through second trimester, but I’ll take it!). And so, I’m hoping to be blogging a lot more—especially since now I’ve been running into some pretty funny things along this journey and, of course, working toward getting a handle on being a happy, healthy individual (after all, isn’t that always the goal?).

Any who, I wanted to get this post out today because I’m finding out what the baby is very soon and announcing online next Monday, October 11th!

Obviously, the Hubs and I would be happy with whatever we end up with, but it is fun to speculate. Here’s what some old wives’ tales have told us.

  1. Heartbeat: The kid wiggles so much, they can’t get an accurate read but last time it was between 150-160. Before that it was consistently 160-170s.
    According to the tale? Girl.
  2. Cravings: Overall, I’m way into savory foods and lemons–lots of lemon everything. My want for sugary/chocolatey things has greatly diminished. Also, the kid REALLY demands kale, apples, and granola.
    According to the tale? Boy.
  3. Leg hair growth: According to a coworker of mine, thicker leg hair than usual means more testosterone in the body.
    According to the tale? Boy. 
  4. Bump placement: If it’s high, apparently it’s a girl. If it’s low, apparently a boy. I have a high bump.
    According to the tale? Girl.
  5. Ring test: With the wedding, let it dangle on a string. Swing in a circle means a boy and back and forth means a girl.
    According to the tale? Boy.
  6. Epic levels of sickness: Apparently girls make you puke more. Given, my sickness was more due to gallbladder issues as a result of the pregnancy (more on that later), so I’m not sure I believe this one. Plus, my sister-in-law was sick as well and she just found out she’s having a boy. So who knows?
    According to the tale? Girl.

As you can see…so far it’s 50/50. But what’s your guess? Are there any wives’ tales that I’ve missed? Let me know and I’d be happy to try it out before the big reveal.

And thanks for all your patience with me as I took a blogging hiatus for my health. Now that I’m feeling better, stay tuned for a whole lot more. And maybe a rant or two about how we still don’t have a dishwasher. 

4 thoughts on “Pink or Blue? (Something I’ve forgotten to mention)

  1. Congrats! I thought I was for sure having a boy until told otherwise at 18 weeks and then still didn’t believe it until I birthed her out haha. I also had super bad nausea so I feel for you! Glad your feeling better! I wish you much health and happiness with your little one on the way!

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