A Writer’s Life Told Through Gifs

With all the Gifs people are using for #PitchWars on their blogs and tweets, I got a little inspired. So here’s my personal life as a writer with a day job writing while also making time to freelance and write novel after novel…in Gif form.

I start my day much like this.

Often times,  I’ll feel really strong.

Other times, there’s a lot of this:

Which getting all weepy isn’t a bad thing…unless you wrote a really sad scene or article but for some reason, you realize it’s not nearly as emotion-packed as it should be. #Fail.

But despite the ups and downs of writing and revising and editing and critiquing and working, I trudge through because I’m  a writer and no matter what, I can’t NOT write. I just may need more coffee…

Sometimes I can get in over my head when deadlines overlap or I’m suddenly inspired by one project that shouldn’t be as important as some other one, but I just have to remind myself that I got this, and this is who I am.


Sometimes I lose track of time, and things like the real world slip by in a blink of an eye.
Hubs: “You coming to bed?”
Me: “What? This early? I’m still on a roll!”
Hubs: “It’s 2 a.m.”

The sleep deprivation doesn’t get any better when I’m woken up in the middle of the night with epic ideas I need to write down right away. Sometimes I wish I could tell my characters to make an appointment only during waking hours, but alas, apparently that’s not how one authors.

(oh how I wish!)

And despite my mad determination and creative spells, I am constantly impressed that my husband doesn’t mind me being addicted to words or talking about my fictional characters all the time.

(Yes. That means he makes me feel like a Disney princess. Sorta. As long as I get to occasionally hit him in the head with a frying pan.)

But then as I approach the finish line of a draft…something happens. It’s like the first 60,000 words were a cake walk and all of the sudden there is SO MUCH PRESSURE to get it right. Sometimes I allow a select group to read up to a certain part of an in-progress draft just to gauge what they want in an ending. Then I’ll make a balance between giving them closure and still surprising them.

And when I’m done with a draft, there’s a lot of this…

Until someone says, “Glad your book is finished! Half the battle, right?”

Don’t get me started on the revision journey or the research-publishing-industry-so-you-know-what-you’re-doing journey. Those are entirely different blog posts.

What’s your writer life like– or if you’re not a writer, how about life in general? Link me. The more Gifs the better! 😉

One thought on “A Writer’s Life Told Through Gifs

  1. Wow, I’m so glad I found your blog! I really love it! Writing is my entire life. I wouldn’t be able to survive without it, but I’m still a newbie in terms of professionalism. I’ve never even finished a first draft of something longer than a short story. I’m determined to write and publish a novel one day but keep getting distracted by other ideas and inspirations. Do you ever have this problem?

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