Standing up for Miley’s Butt at the VMAs

mileyI’ll be the first to say I was not a fan of Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs and no, I don’t wish to debate about it.

But there is something that I think is being unfairly done to this poor girl. And it has to do with her twerking apparatus, itself. Yup. Her booty.

All over Facebook and Pinterest, there are pictures with side-by-sides of Miley’s moving tooshie next to either photos of models standing still in booty-revealing lingerie or— and this is the worst— raw chicken booty. The point, apparently, is to show how flabby Miley’s rump roast is.

And no, I will not post the photos because I think they don’t deserve any Internet traffic at all.

But really, society? Really? Whether you liked her performance or not, how MEAN and hypocritical do you have to be to do a side-by-side of this poor girl’s butt?

And for the record, I’d be more worried if her booty DIDN’T wiggle while she danced like a maniac. Seriously? Do you expect a toned, rock hard cannonball to emerge  in your rump region if you do enough squats? That’s BONKERS! It’s unrealistic! And it’s totally unfair to this 20-year-old girl who may or may not have some issues already.

Plus, if your booty was really as round as that model’s picture on Pinterest (who, again, I emphasize that she was STANDING PERFECTLY STILL and there’s no way to determine that it has not been photoshopped),  I’d imagine it would be pretty impossible to sit on something that’s not padded. Heck, I’d roll right off my chair.

Booties can be firm but they naturally have some padding and literal wiggle room. And if you’re dancing around like a crazy person on stage, I’m sure your’s would be moving too– no matter how toned you think you are.

Do you see how ridiculous you’re being, society? Do you see how hateful you’ve become when you’ve picked on a young woman’s rear for MOVING? Don’t we have enough eating disorders in our midsts? Don’t we have enough issues with celebrities trying to starve themselves?

It’s time to stop it.

Get a life. Get some class. Or do nothing but squats until you achieve your ridiculous ideal of perfection before picking on someone else just because they’re in the limelight. Until then, get naked and jump up and down in front of the mirror with your backside turned and stare at your own jiggle. YOU WILL JIGGLE.

If you had an issue with her performance, that’s one thing. But lay off her butt. That’s just ridiculous.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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