Transformation Thursday: Dealing with Your Own Perceptions

Many people deal with the issue of negative or even false perceptions of themselves. Often times, what you see in the mirror is not anything at all like what other people see you as. Sometimes, it can be so severe it leads to life-threatening eating disorders. But the phenomena is quite amazing when you think … Continue reading

Admitting to Struggles with Food

Something super nice happened today that I appreciated so much, I had to blog about it. But as I began to write, it turned into a whole other thing. You see, something happened today that meant so much to me– I actually had to think about WHY it meant so much to me. You see, … Continue reading

Okay vs. Not Okay

In our society, we’re given two different messages about body image. There’s the “obesity will kill you, so be healthy” and then there’s “people come in all shapes and sizes, so accept your beauty whether you’re a size 0 or a size 20.” Sure, it’s good to be healthy. Yes, it’s good to accept yourself … Continue reading

Food Addiction and the Church

I was MIA this weekend because I was off visiting my former maid of honor and college roommate a little ways away, and Sunday, I got to check out her church which was AWESOME. The whole experience was refreshing, and I truly enjoyed it. But the young pastor, in an effort to be humorous (I … Continue reading