The Hubs Survives A Vegetarian day

I never thought it would happen. In fact, it’s not like I actually had planned it. But my very carnivorous husband survived a whole day without eating meat.

Vegetarianism or veganism is not something we aim to do (I’m pretty sure I had to promise that in our wedding vows when we got married…that’s how much he loves meat), but the more I educate myself on health and the nature of the food industry, I’d be lying if I said eating meat ALLL the time was appealing. It’s not anymore. And so, I’ve been working on baby steps toward eating less and less meat. Plus, I really really enjoy vegan food too.

For me, it started with just no meat for lunch. Then I figured I’d sneak in some vegetarian meals here and there that are husband approved (which so far he liked my stuffed peppers and spaghetti squash, so that’s a start), you know…so I could at least not eat meat daily.

Well, earlier this week, I was making my lunch and something came over me so I asked, “Addison, would you trust me to make you a meatless lunch?”

He looked at me in horror, but then when he saw what I was making, he was intrigued. “That looks fantastic! Sure!”

Basically, I was just mixing together a large bowl of Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and a teeny bit of honey. At first he asked if he could have a sandwich with it too, but I then explained that the Greek yogurt actually had more  calories and a comparable amount of protein than the turkey he’d put in his sandwich. Somehow, I convinced him he wouldn’t be wanting for more (Though I did sneak in some extra pretzels with his carrots and apple just in case).

That was the first day my husband actually brought home food in his lunch box (some of the pretzels actually!). I was shocked. When I told him we were having a vegetarian dinner though, he made another face. But when I explained the menu he shrugged and was like, “Well, if I’m still hungry, I reserve the right to get some fast food afterward.”

Dream on, baby. Dream on.

So, I got to work. We had leftover whole wheat tortillas from when I made fajitas this week (totally forgot to take a picture, but I’ll definitely make those again and blog about them later!), so I decided to make spinach, onion, mushroom quesadillas with a touch of  feta and parmesan. I served it with the Greek salad he’s a HUGE fan of  (seriously, we’ve made it a bazillion times since we first had it) and he was so full afterward, we even had leftover salad. Given, I gave him two quesadillas opposed to my one, but he is a hungry man after all, and no matter how you look at it, two veggie quesadillas a better than one fast food hamburger.

It was funny though. It was like he was shocked I put so much veggies in the actual quesadillas. I guess he had assumed it would be like the same amount of onion one would put in a chicken quesadilla. The truth is, without the meat, you end up with plenty of room to put in tons of great veggies in there.

It was only fitting that we made this vegetarian feast the day we got to watch the season finale of Biggest Loser (YAY, DANNI!!!). Watching biggest loser while eating a take-out burger is never fun (and yes…we’ve done it before. lol).

Anywho, the husband has requested both these things again– especially the berries. When he realized it was a cost effective lunch to bring, he was even more sold on it. But I guess now that I have to share my berries, I may be investing in more frozen versions to pinch a few pennies.

But hey, it’s definitely progress!!! Remember, this was the man who told me meat was for every single meal of the day.

Have you ever considered/are you eating less meat or being a vegetarian/ vegan? I’d love to hear about and any tips/recipes you have!

To get the quesadilla recipe, click here!

6 thoughts on “The Hubs Survives A Vegetarian day

  1. we’ve done the spaghetti squash stuff too! it’s like quinoa, it’s a good base to really do anything with. The other day, I made like a southwestern spaghetti squash, with black beans and red and green peppers, and so many more veggies. It was great!

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