“What are you doing to me?!”

That phrase seems to be the theme for a little over the past week. You see, as you go along your health journey, there comes a point where you definitely notice some changes– and they aren’t visible. Sure, maybe pounds are coming off. Yes, you definitely feel better. But that’s not what I’m talking about … Continue reading

My House Smells Like a Campfire

Thank goodness Spring came when it did because yesterday I was finally able to open all the windows and doors in my house, which aided in my campfire smell problem. Oh, what campfire smell problem, you ask? I had been meaning to write about it, but now that it’s gone, it seems to be a … Continue reading

Coolest Kid On The Block

With childhood obesity still making headlines and launching campaigns through the government and even through popular TV shows like The Biggest Loser, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the doomed nature that seems to loom over the childhood culture of our nation. But then there’s sometimes a bright spot to remind us that not all is … Continue reading

The Hubs Survives A Vegetarian day

I never thought it would happen. In fact, it’s not like I actually had planned it. But my very carnivorous husband survived a whole day without eating meat. Vegetarianism or veganism is not something we aim to do (I’m pretty sure I had to promise that in our wedding vows when we got married…that’s how … Continue reading