Newlywed Narcolepsy Part 2

If only my husband would fall asleep like this. Anyone have any tips? (Photo courtesy of

Sorry for being MIA for the past couple of days. I have been thoroughly exhausted and borderline under the weather. That’s right, my Newlywed Narcolepsy hasn’t gotten much better, although we’ve been making some strides in the right direction.

For those who are unfamiliar with the condition, it’s basically when you find yourself falling asleep during the day because being a newlywed has disrupted all former sense of your sleeping patterns (you can read more about it here).

I swear, being newlywed can sometimes be worse than having a newborn (watch me eat my words in a few years. I promise to blog about it!).

This past week, I found a new cause for Newlywed Narcolepsy other than the three that I outlined in that first post. It was rather unusual, and I found myself oddly torn as to what to do.

You see, one night Hubs and I managed to get into bed at the same time and not too terribly late. However, Hubs felt particularly inspired and decided to tell me all his hopes, dreams and ambitions– until 2:30 a.m.

I was torn because I LOVED the conversation. I love hearing his hopes and dreams and what he sees for the future. Most girls crave having such in-depth, heart-felt conversations with the men of their dreams.

However, I found myself torn because that primal instinct inside of me wanted to simply punch him the face to get him to shut up so I could go to sleep. After all, sugar mama’s got work in the morning.

Luckily, I was able to quell that terrible feeling, add to the conversation a little bit (at least I think I did? It may have been in the form of half-asleep grunts), and find a way to enjoy this moment in newlywedom instead of loathing it or crying over lost sleep.

I’m not sure why this happened. I’m sure my body language didn’t signal my desire to talk until the wee hours of the morning (At least, I thought that eyes closed, turned away from partner, wearing iron clad PJs and head under the pillow meant “LEAVE ME ALONE”). But what are you going to do? And I have to admit, I am glad for those moments when my usually quiet Hubs breaks out into a monologue about things that excite me.

But the next day we had a talk about the art of conversational timing. I’m happy to report we’ve now come to an agreement that anything super important and thought provoking must be discussed prior to midnight.

And if we’re talking about his favorite game (Magic the Gathering), that must be talked about before 9 p.m. or within 5 hours of eating (his idea, not mine lol).

Does anyone else have weird newlywed adjusting issues like this? I’d love to hear about them. And if anyone has an idea on how to get their husband to sleep at a reasonable hour that doesn’t involve slipping sleeping pills into his food, I’m all ears!

One thought on “Newlywed Narcolepsy Part 2

  1. Ha! I remember all too well but my main 3 things were the bed, noise, and temperature. I had a king size when we married, he a full and I let him talk me into dumping mine, along with my shhhhing noise machine and I’m very hot natured so I didn’t sleep for like 5 yrs! (well part of that was having 2 newborns within that time too) needless to say tho I finally won the battle and got my king and my noise and my cold air and the worlds been right for 10 yrs now : ) so I’m the one that had all the problems, he slept great!

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